Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Secret Lives of School Bags

Today we played a little game I like to call Innies and Outies. We sit in a double circle, one on the inside of the other. Mr Hall picks a topic he wants us to talk about. Today's one was "Things In My Bag".
One of the girls said her buddy had a sea of rubbish at the bottom of their bag. They said they need to clean it up! One of our ten-year-old boys has a baby toy in his bag! One person keeps their luchbox open ALL THE TIME. This causes all the lunch to fall out. Someone has 9 things in their luchbox. One of our 9-year-old girls has another sea of rubbish, as well as two very muddy toy cars that drown in it!
One of the boys used to have a 'Barney and Friends' raincoat!

One of the boys has a cashew nut wrapped in a blanket (the cashew nut is also broken in half. It was wrapped in a blanket to keep warm.) The broken cashew nut has been lost! Here is a photo of the empty blanket.

One of the ten year old boys has a screw in his bag. The screw, named Lenny, has been in this bag since year 4, but we think it is lost.

This bag also has a comb that looks very much like it needs a wash. It is covered in hair gel.
Would YOU use this comb!?

What secrets do you have in YOUR bag?

By Becca. Roving reporter for the Huia Whanau.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Physics: Playing With Levers and Fulcrums

Check out our slide show of our great lever experiments!
After playing around with lifting people off the ground using only one finger, we set off to build our own levers and fulcrums using newspaper. The goal was to fire a plastic cube as far as possible. Many designs were put forward and tested, and Nael's team won with a mighty shot that cleared the audience!