Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharon's Digital Doggie

It was my birthday at my house and everyone was watching me open my presents. Ara my friend, gave me a toy cat with crystals to decorate it. The cat looked like a big pink circle with its purple collar. Ara also bought me a card with fairies on the front."I love it" I said to Ara. We hadn't finished opening the presents yet.

My mum said "Come here". We went into the garage and my auntie was there. She had a dog in her hands it was fluffy and white. It ran into the house It was so cute. Then Two other dogs rushed into the garden so I ran to pat them. They were so cute too but I liked the first one the best because its neck was short and shiny white and it was cleaner than the other dogs. My friends were crazy. They ran around the house chasing the dogs It was funny. Then we calmed down and started opening the present again.

My mum handed me her present. I opened it as fast as possible it was a pink nintendo! I've always wanted a nintendo because my friends have nintendos too. My heart was pumping so hard I felt like it was going to pop out! My mum also gave me a dog game called Nintendogs. My best friend Bianca had the same game and she had let me have a turn when we were having sleepovers. I loved it!

I turned it on and tried it. First in the game was the pet shop that had only dogs. I choose a dog to take home. I chose a dog my friend liked and took it home. I had to make it learn its name but it forgot and forgot I wondered if it was fake. Finally after a few days it learnt its name. But then it had to learn how to sit it didn't work! I got fed up, It WAS fake!My friends were right, it was fake.

But after two weeks of trying, it worked. I told my friends that they were wrong. It was probably that it was a really bad dog and it didn't like learning. I felt surprised, exactly like when I first saw my nintendo.

Now that I have my supplies my friend's dogs can meet together using wireless nintendo ds! That was the best birthday ever!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Park 'Trip' By Shania

I was at the boring park with my brother, watching him play and swing on the trees like a monkey. I was waiting to go home.
I went to dad trying to talk to him, but my brother pushed me and told him to go to another park in 10 minutes so I decided to make a plan to get my way, like crying. I tried it out, it just didn't work.

I had one more choice. I chose to make a plan again. My dad came to me and said ''Get in the car''. I thought that he was going to ditch my brother but he just drove me around the park to see what was in the park. It was just a waste of my time.

When I got out of the car I saw what I needed, a chain to be tripped over to cry. I knew I had to be careful with my dad. He'll know that I am making plans to get out of this park.
I can't do it when he's watching me! So I gave it a run, my brother started to stare at me. I stared back. I knew that I wasn't looking where I was going. When I looked back to the front, I tripped over the chain, It was not suppose to be this way. Its wasn't suppose to be for real. I cried, and my dad said we're going home now.

I laughed at my brother cause he always get what he wants and this time he wasn't getting what he wanted. My dad asked me if I wanted to drive the car. ''Sure'' I replied. So my dad said he would teach me. So I drove the car. It felt like I was going to have an accident and I wasn't looking where I was going and nearly crashed. Dad told me to keep on going so I went on going but I got scared and let him drive.

Then we went home, with a lovely smile on my face and a sad smile on my brothers face.

Beach Escape By Shannon

What a great day at my beach house. I was happy and relaxed after having leftovers for lunch from yesterday's Christmas dinner.
"I'm so full" I thought. I was just laying there on the couch relaxing When my Mum yelled out "You kid's come do these dishes."

"No" I whispered. So my brothers and sisters and I ran outside to the big tree not far from my beach house. "This will keep us away from doing the dishes" my Sister told us. I looked up and saw how huge the tree was GULP! "Well it better" I said. "Cause this tree is pretty huge!"

We started to climb higher and higher. I looked up and my brother and sister where half way to the top. "Don't look down, don't look down."
I muttered to myself, but as I kept on getting higher and higher I got more and more worried. I felt sick because I had just finished eating.
I couldn't help it I just had to look down. I saw how high I was off the ground "GULP, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" I screamed in my head.

I went a little higher. "I don't want to do the dishes" I said. So I kept climbing. "Almost.... there" I puffed.

As I was climbing I couldn't stop remembering how high I was off the ground and thought how high I might be right now. You probably know by now I couldn't help myself but to look down. I looked down "AHHH!" I yelled. "I don't think I can handle this! I'm climbing down" I Said. By the time I stopped thinking, I was half way to the ground.

Few, I was never going that high again. But now that I was on the ground I would have to go back and do the dishes. But wait!, I thought. I could go down to the beach! So I just ran.

'Ohh man what can I do here... nothing!' I thought. 'Well at least I'm away from the dishes.' While I was sitting there I felt lonely just kicking sand when I saw someone on the beach. Was that who I thought it was?...No... Yes "FRAN!" I shouted happily. I played at the beach till I thought the dishes had been done. When I got home my Auntie had done them. She's the greatest.

Loose Tooth Surprise By Adam

I was having afternoon tea at home. I felt like fainting because I was so bored. I was desperate for something interesting to happen. As I was eating, I started to taste something strange instead of the thing I was eating. Then... "Yikes." I thought to myself what is that? Just then I realised it was my blood! Something was bleeding in my mouth. Thoughts were racing round my mind."How? what? why?"

I started to feel something strange."Ow! It hurts. First I taste blood, now something hurts.. What's going to happen next?" I thought to myself.

I started to push my tongue on my tooth. It was wiggly!! Just then I suddenly knew what it was. "My tooth! my tooth!"My brain screamed at me. I suddenly panicked. My brain went into a frenzy. 'well.' I thought. 'At least I know what's going on now!'

I quickly ran to the bathroom as fast as I could. 'I'd better take it out.' I thought. A few seconds later I had got my tooth out of my mouth and into my hand. 'Well', I thought. ' At least that's over."

I walked down the hall and out into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard and walked back to the bathroom. I thought I should wash the blood off my tooth. "Whew." I thought to myself.
Once I had finished washing my tooth I put it in a glass and put it on my bedside table. I went back to the kitchen table and sat down again. I was amazed I hadn't bled to bits.

BMX Weekend By Cameron

It was just me and my sister Sophie at the dining table with nothing to do because we weren't allowed to do anything. "Cam! Sofe!" Dad shouted. "Come get in the van!"
"Yes" I said. "Finally we're going out." We drove over the harbour bridge. It's not every day that you get to go over the biggest bridge in Auckland over sparkling bluey-green water. It was also scary because what if we fall off!? "Where are we going?" I said to myself.

We finally stopped outside a motorbike shop. Inside we went to the helmet section. My sister and I chose some awesome helmets and we got some shin-pads too.
The shop keeper gave us free helmet protector bags. It was very exiting because I've never had a full-face helmet before and I've always wanted one.

We went home and got ready. We grabbed bags, gloves, pads and helmets we got our bikes out of the van. Horay! weir going riding. 'Even getting ready is fun.' I

We went to the BMX park. Wobble! wobble! I almost crashed on the first jump! But I got straight and rode the rest of the track. "Freaky." I muttered to myself.
I didn't like my shin pads because they keep slipping to the side. It was annoying.

Dad, Sofe and I raced each other. "Yahoo! race time!" I said. I won. Dad came second, Sofe came last. I sat out some of the races to catch my breath. It was awesome.

Later we went home. "What a great day" I said to myself. But I was quite disappointed that it was over. Oh well some things never last forever. I hoped we could we do this again, just not with my annoying shin-pads!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dentist Drama By Neha

Mum said I had to go to the dentist at 2 o-clock. Lot's of tension was going on. Luckily I had loads of time left before I went! I climbed into the car and mum drove me and my little sister to school in seconds. Time was going by really quickly. My temper was growing bigger and bigger until it was bigger than a dinosaur! Tick,tock,tick,tock..It was 1:00. One more hour before I needed to go to the horrifying dentist. Soon it was lunch at 1:55.

Tension and temper was building as high as a sky scraper! The clock said only 5 minutes left so mum was on her way to pick me up for the dentist at her lunch break! I grabbed my lunch box and sat in front of the class room and slowly opened my lunch box while SCREAMING in my head! Four minutes went by I decided to go early so everything would be done quickly.

Mum picked me up from the office. While I climbed into the car my mum signed her name in the school book. Off we go to the dentist. I was thinking 'What if they pull out my wobbly tooth?' I remembered that mum explained that the dentist is only going to only to put in fillings. "phew" I sighed out loud by mistake. Luckily mum didn't notice.

At last we made it to the dentist. "Oh no'' I cried.. because of the WAITING ROOM!! I have always hated the waiting room. All you do is sit and worst of all read old magazines which is not fun at all! After all that waiting it was my turn There I was on the chair getting checked from the dentist and listening to what the dentist was saying to Mum. All of a suddenly I heard it. I herd the dentist say the 7 words!?
"I will take out only one TOOTH!!!!!!"

I was horrified. I had thought nothing bad would happen. That means my night mare came true! I was screaming, shouting and howling all in my head. What can I do? Ok, now I knew everything was bad. What was that? Oh No it was an injection. She poked it into my gum. Luckily she had put my gum to sleep so there was only a little bit of pain.

The dentist took out a special tool. She washed it and fitted the metal thing in my tooth and started pulling harder and harder I felt like sitting up and saying "BACK OFF!!" but instead I squeezed my mums hand. CRACK! POP! "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh." I lost it. I lost my favourite tooth. "There you go." Said the dentist, like she didn't even care. I tried talking to my mum "abzohmkopffog" came out of my mouth !!

There I was on the chair crying, screaming, shouting and howling in my head. I got to chose 2 stickers I said "thenlk yolu " To the dentist.

At last I reached home. it took an hour for me to talk clearly. And I never wanted to go to the dentist ever again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amusement Park Antics By Noor

Finally it was the day I was going go to Rainbow's End with my friend Moe and my family. We go there ever single year. When we got there we went on lots of rides, then right in front of me was the roller coaster. My heart raced. The tracks were on top of me and I could hear the people screaming. Right next to the roller coaster was another horrifying ride. The Power Surge.

I thought that I should go on at least one of them so I chose the power surge. I sat on one of the seats and the seat belt slowly came down. My hands were clenched on the seat. I closed my eyes. The ride started. I opened my eyes and looked down. It was making me feel dizzy. It went upside down, it was crazy! It spun, it was upside down again. The ride finished. It came down so fast. I jumped off the seat and sat down for a couple of minutes. When I got up my head was spinning.

I thought I should go on the bumper cars. I felt better. I had already paid my money, and I couldn't go on some of the other rides because I was too short or too young. My friend said "Let's go!" So we went. Even if another car just taps you, it can really hurt and the seat belts aren't even proper ones. My friend smashed my car so hard I nearly jumped out of my seat. Then he reversed.... and did it AGAIN! " That's it!" I said. "I'm going to get him!"
So I trapped him in the corner.. and then I got payback.

Later, we got a text message saying " We're going home soon, we're on our way." So we played a game next to the front door. To win, you had to try and shoot a target with a ball. I held the ball in my hand then I threw it. I hit the target and won a bear! My friend tried. He had three turns but missed every time. I laughed at him but he ignored me.
When Mum came we drove home and I thought about how lucky I was that I didn't throw up on the Power Surge.

Beach Treasure By Becca

It was already hot and for some reason Mum was rushing around grabbing stuff. "Come on." She said, "We're going out." Could this have anything to do with the surprise she was talking about the night before? When I went to the car, in the back seat was Mum's purple backpack that she usually uses when she goes to the gym. Now THAT was weird! Was Mum taking me to the GYM?! But no, the dogs were also in the car so it couldn't be that.

"Mum." I asked as we were driving past the dairy at the top of the hill, "Where are we going?" Mum just kept looking at the road. "Is it the pool?" Still silence. "The mall?" More silence. "The Library?" This was getting annoying. "How about the beach?" This time at least I got a reply. "Maybe" Mum said. 'YES!' I thought. I know that when mum says maybe, she usually means yes. We were going to the beach!

After what seemed like a million years we drove into the familiar car park of Karekare beach. The second I stepped out the door I was almost knocked off my feet by a howling wind. While I was waiting for Mum I went around to the back of the toilets where I could see the beach. I could see the hot sand, where it was made mud-like by the pounding waves, the soggy debris scattered by the tide, the volcanic rocks in one corner of the beach beside the towering cliffs. Then Mum called me back to the path and we walked down to the beach.

We put down our stuff in a corner of the beach beside the rocks. Mum gave me a plastic bag and told me to go look for shells. I walked over to a bunch of rocks that looked like a good place to find shells. I looked behind a rock and... "WOW!!!" I exclaimed! There was an amazing array of shells, some broken or dirty with sand, but all with fascinating colours and shapes. Suddenly I saw something shiny out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and I saw it, even though it was five large rocks away. It was huge, and coloured like the rainbow.

It was the most beautiful shell ever. I HAD to get it! And to do that, I had to climb over the rocks. The huge, slippery, sharp, granite rocks. What would YOU have done? Maybe put your bag down and shoes on first, unlike me. I scrambled onto the first rock. After a few painful minutes, I was close enough to reach the shell. I reached out, stretched a bit more... "GOT IT!" I yelled triumphantly. I sat down on the rock to inspect my shell. Suddenly, out popped a head. Followed by a claw. The little crab decided that he'd rather be back on his rock, and nipped my finger before I could drop him. "OW!!" I yelled and, without thinking, I threw the shell away!

I sighed. I guessed I wasn't meant to have the shell after all. "Come on, Becca!" Mum called, "Time to go!"
"Coming!" I called back, as I climbed over the rocks. 'Oh well,' I thought, 'Maybe it'll be there again next time.'

Gone Fishin' By Blake

It was just a normal days fishing. I was starting to get bored trawling on my boat up and down the island. Every once and a while I would have a bag of chips. The sun was scorching hot. It felt like I was melting. I was just sitting there waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Finally after a long wait my dad's line went off! My heart beat rose to 180 beats per minute. It was thrilling. My dad told me to wind my line in so I wound my line so fast that it nearly broke.
When I was winding my line in something grabbed my line and swam off. At that point me and my dad both had a fish on the end of our line. We were in trouble because if we both had a fish on our lines they were going to get tangled or get into the sea weed. But my dad's one got off. I was kinda relieved because my dad can steer the boat away from the seaweed.

Now it was time for me to wind the fish in. I started to lean back with all my weight but it was still pulling me forward. It seemed like it was 60 pounds. It was harder than I expected. 10 minutes in to the battle I was starting to think if I was ever going to get it in.

20 minutes in to the battle my legs were shaking like a chicken but I wasn't giving up. When I was still leaning back we saw colour in the water. That just gave me an extra boost of confidence. Finally the fish was beside the boat. My dad got the gaff and struck at the fish but ripped a hole in the side of it and the fish darted off again.

I got it up for the second time. My dad struck again but missed. He quickly struck again but that time he got him. He heaved the fish on to the boat. was so relieved. When I got back and weighed it was 25 lb! Wow! That's huge!
And that's how I caught my first king fish.

Lazer Labyrinth By Sean

I'm swerving through a hallway, heart pounding, teeth shaking. Someone is following me. I see red lights on the wall. I quivered with fear. I look back all I see is a red light before I powered down. I put my hands out as if trying to reach something I feel the wall and immediately come to a stop... What do I do?

It all started one bright sunny morning. I had just woken up from a sleepover. I was at my friends house and we were playing outside.
My mum came around with the car. I got in, then she told me we were going to Megazone. It was too much to take in. My head filled with excitement. As we drove there the tension rose. I rapidly thought of ways to win. When we got there we went in and mum paid for the game. Then we went down the hallway to a room with the rules. I looked at everyone. I felt like my heart stopped in shock.

"There must be at least twenty!" I said to myself. Still frozen in shock. I finished putting on my suit and got my gun. The horn sounded, it had started.

Everyone jogged into the arena. I went in 10 meters from the start line and hid behind a wall. A few minutes went by and I was still there. Finally I decided to go and explore. As I walked out from my hiding place, I was shot in the back. "Ahhh". I screeched. About 7 minutes later, I know the game is almost over and I had shot almost everyone a few times at least. Then I saw red lights on the wall. I turned into a hallway thinking "Wrong way". I had just turned into a very long hallway.

I was swerving through a hallway. Heart pounding, teeth shaking. I felt the wall and immediately came to a stop. I decided to run to the nearest wall and wait. It felt like forever, but I powered up again then I heard it. BEEEEEEP!!!!!!! The games was over. I walked to the room with the suits, still thinking "Will I lose?" I put my suit back still worrying. I met my mum and sister and walked down the hallway to find my score...

Seven thousand points! That was higher than all the points I've ever had put together. But sadly, I came seventh It wasn't as depressing as I thought. The feeling that I got seven thousand points was overwhelming. As we left we talked about tactics we could use next time. "Next time I'll be ready". I muttered to myself. Then we drove home.

Horse Challenge By Sophie-Lee

It was the day before school starts. I was in the car on my way to Kelly's house and I was about to have my first horse ride. I was feeling excited but when I got there I felt nervous. Kelly took us to see the horse. It was two hills away. I felt very scared when I saw it. The horse was very tall. It was white with tiny black miniature spots. ''I don't want to do it any more.'' I told myself.

Mum put me on the horse. ''Its so high up.'' I thought. Kelly gave me the rope and she whacked the horse's bottom! But the horse just walked onwards to the gate ''Thank goodness.'' I sighed. I seriously thought I was going to fall off! I mean the horse did seem pretty scary!

Everyone was yelling, screaming and cheering me on. I felt embarrassed and scared. ''What happens if the horse takes off?'' I thought. Suddenly mum yelled out ''You can do it Sophie you're an Archer.'' right then I felt a little better.

I felt the warmth of the horse's fur rubbing on my legs as I sat on it. I finally figured out it was fun to ride a horse because it was a great experience.
Finally I was off the horse I begged mum for another turn but she insisted it was time to go.

I was off the horse and feeling great. It felt good to ride a horse. Some of it hurt but that is ok. I just loved the feeling.

By Sophie-lee

Golf Duel By Campbell

I was bored watching T.V because my brother kept on flicking through the channels. Dad asked if I was bored, and I said "Of course I am". So my dad suggested I go in the car with him. He thought at least it won't be boring like it was here. I agreed. I thought it would be more exciting.

When I got to the golf course I was really nervous because I wasn't sure if I was going to hit it right or not. When I had my first hit my dad said, "Not too bad Campbell, you might even be better at golf than me." Then it was my dad's turn at golf. Wow. "Oh my gosh, I hit it further than my dad!" I thought.

Now that I am beating my dad at golf I am not so nervous anymore. My turn to hit it. "Oh man, that was not that far that time." Said Dad. "Better luck next time Campbell." Dad's turn to hit now. " Wow that went far!" I shouted. " You got it in 2 hits. Wow you're really good Dad!"
"Hey Campbell, have your right hand at the bottom and your left hand at the top try that, you will hit it way further."

This was so fun. I needed to beat my dad at golf. I wondered what my dad was going to say if I didn't win, but what if I did win? That would be cool. I got really close to the hole I got on the green. This is more fun than at home watching T.V! I can't wait to see who wins the game. My dad said I was going to lose.
"I'm not going to lose because watch this!" A HOLE IN ONE I am definitely not going to lose now. "You're winning by heaps so you might as well just make yourself champion now." Moaned Dad.
I want to win fair and square.!" I yelled.

"Do you know what, Campbell, if you win, I will buy you an ice-cream" Said Dad.
" I like ice-cream but NOOOOO!" I cried. "I need to win first. That will never happen unless I get another hole in one."

A HOLE IN ONE!!! I had won. "Give me that ice-cream, I am the master" I said. I can't believe I beat my dad at actual golf. I'm the meanest." I said. "But what was dad going to say now that I had beaten him.
"You beat me Campbell,well done." said Dad.

Secret Hide Out By Travis

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but I was bored. So bored I
almost fell asleep!

Suddenly my sister ran at me full speed!!!. "Aaahhh!". "Please don't kill me!!!" She looked like an angry tiger that hadn't eaten for days! "HELP!". I screamed, but she stopped right in front of me and asked if I wanted to play hide'n'go seek. Of course I did!

Suddenly I heard my sister counting. "1.2.3!" Frustration was taking over my body! Where was I going to hide!? For the next twenty seconds I was sprinting around the house anxiously thinking of ideas....Under my bed? No that's to obvious. Um..oh in the pantry?.. No if someone wanted to eat something they would tell her! Hmmm....

Yes! I knew where I was would hide. In my SPECIAL PLACE!!! it was the perfect plan so my sister wouldn't have a chance of finding me! I quickly snuck into my special place, and started to wait....Your out! I heard. "Was that me she was talking to!?" The carpet was shaking, the footsteps grew louder and louder "Please don't get me I screamed in my head "Am I safe!?" Then I heard my brother talking to my sister "Lets split-up and find him" He said...

"Ah oh!". My brother was looking under my mum's bed. Well this is it, he's gonna find me....when I suddenly realized what my dad had said to me earlier! "Be as quiet as you can!" So that's what I did. I was relying on my dad now.

"WAIT!" I thought. I heard footsteps fading away! Did I win!? I leapt into action. I quickly ran to the door and checked....No-one there! That's strange!? Were they tricking me? I have to get to the bottom of this!!!

I sprinted out there and asked them if they were still playing, this is what they said "You're too good, we couldn't find you!"

Family Fly-Over By Mohsin

It’s the holidays. My favourite thing of all. I got out of bed and went toward the living room to Watch cartoons on TV. Then I saw my mum dressed up.

'' Why are you dressed up?'.'I asked

''what do you think, we are going somewhere.'' She replied. ''go get dressed and wake your sisters and tell them to do the same thing'.'


''Just go!'' So I did.

Who was I going to see? I thought. I got dressed and got in the car.

''Where are we going?'' My sisters asked.

''Uh?.I don't know.'' I replied. I got a little bored and I started to play with my old toys.

I was still wondering who we were going to see. I was so curious about what were going to do. I felt tired like I hadn't slept... Then I fell asleep.

When I woke up I saw the airport. I thought we must have been seeing someone at the airport. My mum parked the car then I asked her why we were here. She didn't reply. I got angry because she hadn't answered any of my questions. That was so annoying.

We got out of the car and walked towards the airport. We sat on the chair and started to wait. We were siting there for hours. I was wondering what was I going to do when suddenly my mum said 'Look your two cousins are here!" I was extremely excited that they were here. That's why I like the holidays. they stayed up to December and we had the best holidays ever!

By Mohsin.

Blow Kart Beach by Sullivan

It was a windy day. A great day for blowkarting. My cousins and I were waiting on Ninety Mile Beach for the three wheeled contraptions. Here they come. They were things of beauty.

The man who owned the blowkarts showed us a demonstration with his kids. Apparently you have to be very light weight to go lightning fast. When he said that, My cousin Tom and I knew we were going to fly. I was right. Tom and I absolutely aced it. We were doing skids and everything in no time. "WOOOOHHOOOOO!!!!!''

"Clank!" My right wheel started to lift. I felt really scared. I thought I was gonna crash. The man shouted, "loosen the sail." So that's what I did and it started to lower. I realized I could do it again, so I tightened the sail and it started to lift again. I thought,"This is as fun as the time I first went to rainbow's end."

It was so much fun. I Whimpered when I had to give my cousin a turn. But wait! The man came to the rescue and brought in even more blowkarts, so everyone could have a turn and at no charge.

Suddenly.."NO please, NNOOOO!!!!! What do you mean there's no wind!!!" I tried and tried to get the blowkart going, but nothing happened. I had to face facts... there was no more wind. I had to heave the blowkart along the beach to the owner.

Once they were all packed up my auntie and uncle paid the man. I sat in grief as they drove of with the blowkarts, but I picked myself up off the ground and felt inspired to do it again. We went back to the beach house for cake and candy. I can't wait till next time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

India Adventure By Sanaya

"Oh" I sighed in the car. Thinking that we were going to be late for the huge party. It was my seven year old cousin's party. I was so excited that she was getting into our Indian religion. The ceremony was held at India at a place called Car-ma. Car-ma is a gigantic place were lots of people's ceremonies can be held.

We got into the car and rode off. When we reached the place Car-ma like I said it was huge. I gasped "WOW"!! My eyes kept on blinking. My heart was pumping with joy. I was so excited. My mum and I were so happy when she got on to the stage her mum got the coconut before she got onto the stage or she would not be welcomed into our Indian Religion then she slammed it and some of the water splat on my face it tasted yummm.

"Oh my golly gosh" I was thinking in my mind. "Are they going to do the prayers now?" I asked my mum. "Yes they are" She said. I was so happy that the prayers were only half an hour long. Soon it was finished. One more thing to do. All was left to do was the roses. One of the people shouted "Roses time Yeah!!!!!" I said in my mind "Finally"!!!

This was my best part of the ceremony.It was Roses time.I was extremely happy because the roses were just about to fall from the basket. "Fall I said Fall" and the man pulled the string and the roses fell down on my cousin. "YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH"!! they all shouted and my cousin was entered into our Indian Religion.

My Aunty got her daughter ready in her clothes. Everyone gave her beautiful necklaces of gold and silver they were the most beautiful presents I had ever seen. Soon when everyone finished, the DJ's came and put music on it was very groovy. When my cousin and I were dancing we fell over "Ouch that really hurt" I said.. but I just got a bruise.

"Hurry mum I am hungry" I was completely starving for dinner. We had cottage cheese, Chicken curry rice and my favourite Butter Chicken. It was so yummy I kept on eating and eating. For desert we had ice-cream and chocolate it was very yummy. After that we did some more dancing. Then after a little while we had to go home I said "Mum I don't want to go" but we had to.


"Sanaya come on we have to go home now"

"Nooo!! Please Please I don't want to go" I said.

Mum said " Sanaya, don't be ridiculous"

"Fine then".

Soon we all said goodbye. I felt melancholy. I did not want to go but we had to. I said goodbye to my friends and cousins. we got in into the car and drove off. Goodbye I said sadly to my friends from the window."Bye"!! everybody said.

That was the best day of my life in India.

By Sanaya

Cricket Confusion By Josh

"Oh my Gosh". I moaned how could this day get worse. I got so bored so I started asking random questions. "Mum, what are we doing tomorrow?” “Were going to the beach with our family friends." She replied. YESSS!!!! I took on the rest of the day positively.

When we were in the car I was worried if we would be late. But we were the first ones to reach instead ! "Never mind" I said. Time went went but still they still weren't there. Brrm brrm yes a car noise it must be them, but when the car came near us I realized that it's not their cars aaargggh! many cars went by but none of them were their car. After a good 15 minutes I gave up waiting. Brrm brrm I didn't get excited but then I realized that it's them woohoo! Let's play something I yelled .

When we got tired we headed for the car. We planned another party to relax and watch the cricket game. We didn't know where it was but luckily they told us. When we reached the right house no one was there! We searched the whole street and the whole suburb for them but they weren't there. But on the way I heard some people calling me from a food joint but my dad said that it's probably not them.

My cousin tried to text them but his battery died and my mum forgot hers at home. When we reached home we heard the phone ringing. It was them. They said that they were ordering some food "Told you so." I said.

When we got there they apologized for not being at their own home. My dad said "it's alright". We watched the game together. New Zealand won a nail biter of a game, so in the end, it turned out well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Mind Game of Soccer By Nael

My family may of been thinking it's weird for someone to run around the house with a soccer ball, but I had a soccer game in an hour; and to me, my preparation is more important to me than what they think.

When you're standing on the pitch and hundreds of people are watching you, all you can think about is your reputation. If the opposition take the ball from you too many times, it can transform from best player to substitute.
My heart was aching, my hands were shaking, and I was quivering with fear.

As the ref blew his whistle, I made a run for it, a run for my life, a run for my reputation. When your heart feels like it's exploding, you soccer skills feel like they're exploding too, so you lack self esteem... and when you lack self esteem, they take the ball off you. And when they do take the ball off you, your reputation is at stake.

That's exactly what happened to me...

It was half time, and the coach was deciding if he should play me on for the second half of the game. What do I do? What is best? If he plays me on, I might be as useless as a rock. If he does not play me on, that must be a sign that my reputation is dead. The coach asked me what I wanted and I had to answer in the next five seconds...

I played on.
my team is the best team in west Auckland so each time the opposition stole the ball from us, all i could think about was our team moving down a grade. I was playing on defense and their best player was running with the ball as all he needed to do was get past me to score a definite goal, as well a a definite win. I was so stupid, thinking about my reputation and what to answer the coach when it was a quarter final game. That thinking could be costly...

They won 10-1. My dad talked to me about the game. I told him about what my thoughts were.
"Yes, I know it's weird", I told him. "but I learnt my lesson, from now on I will only focus on the game."

A week later and another game was about to start. Will I make the same mistake?

Monday, March 9, 2009

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