Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Interview. By Sanaya.

" Hurry up mum we will be late for my interview!", Scarlet bellowed out. She was very worried. A few minutes later inside the car Scarlet was nervously clenching her fists and sweat was dripping down her forehead. She was thinking what will happen if my words are gone from my head, and what happens if they ask me questions I don't know. She was going to her fifth interview and this time if she missed it she wouldn't get the job and she has missed a lot of interviews before. It was her dream job.

EREK!!!! mum braked so hard at the red signal that they nearly fell of their seats. They waited for it to turn green but... Mum let go of the brake and something wrong happened, the car wouldn't go. Scarlet's mum checked the petrol tank and she saw.... "Oh no Scarlet the petrol ran out we can't go anymore", shouted Bella.
"Oh no this can't be happing I won't be able to get my job". Beep Beep Honk Honk " Move your car lady", the man at the back shouted. " We can't it's run out of Petrol", shouted Scarlet.

" Can somebody help", screamed Bella.
" Wait I have an idea let us try and push the car Scarlet said.
"It's not working what are we going to do", Scarlet said.
" Well of course it's not going to work it's heavier than you are", said Bella. Scarlet didn't even bother to listen she was thinking for a solution and it suddenly came to her. " That's it I am going to look for a taxi", shouted Scarlet. She ran to look for a taxi with her heart pounding like a sprinter. 10 minutes past and no taxi came. After a while she walked back to the car with tears in her eyes dripping one by one. Her mum comforted her just like the old days when Scarlet was a baby.

Bella and Scarlet tried one more time but it still didn't work. " Hello, Hello can somebody please help", asked Scarlet on her half broken phone. Nobody picked up, she knew that she wouldn't get the job, she was angry and upset. She was never like this before. " Don't worry Scarlet I know you will get the job", said her mum. Scarlet stared at her jagged car like a dumb kid. She didn't even bother to talk and she just wept in her cold bare hands. " Mum I know this is terrible, I know your angry and I absolutely know I won't get the job", wept Scarlet.
" It's okay if you don't get the job and I am not angry, who made you think that" replied Scarlet's mum.

Scarlet picked up her cellphone which was nearly broken and called her boss. " Hello boss, I have important news. I know I am late I can't make it today to the interview so can you please give my job to the next person on the list I am very sorry", said Scarlet.
" What there is no interview today it's tomorrow didn't you listen", said the boss.
" WHAT!!!! no inter... interview today but how could that be", said Scarlet.
She took a pause and took out her note book and she read with her eyes what it said. Tuesday 9:00 sharp Board Room. " NOOOO!!!I can't make it tomorrow", said Scarlet.
"Oh well to bad for you won't get the job", said the boss.

Scarlet felt depressed and angry. " What, how can he do this to me", said Scarlet to her mum. Her mum comforted her but Scarlet just pushed her hand away. She cut the line in anger and locked it. Scarlet decided to call the tow truck to come and get her car. Minutes past and after 30 minutes it finally came with a really loud beeping sound. The people came and stuck the car to the handle. Scarlet had to walk ALL the way back home with tear drops in her eyes. Tears dropped on the road and that night she never forgot the day when she missed her dream job.

The Printer of Doom. By Adam.

"Why do I always end up outside the Principal's office?" Thought Billy. Just then the moment he dreaded came, the door handle creaked slowly around and then the doorway trembled and then dust came floating down like snow on Christmas day and gently landed on the ground as the door was pushed inwards. Then a thin and bony hand reached round the door and felt around in till it turned the light on, even though it was the sunniest day in the year. Billy was sweating, not just ordinary sweating, it looked like at any moment a mini flash flood would take hold of the room and sweep everything away. Just then the principal came in, he looked very angry as he sat down behind his desk. Then the words came.
"You are in big trouble Billy this is the 9Th time you've been sent to me. I've never had in the history of the school a person as naughty as you, you are running on thin ground Billy, now go back to your class and I never want to hear your name again. Understood?" Said the principal.
"Yes." Said Billy, hoping to escape from his angry principals rampage.

When Billy got back to the class he then got back to doing an assignment on the computer, once the teacher told him what his class were doing. "This is fun." Thought Billy. When Billy had finished doing his assignment he started to fiddle with the number of copies to print, when Todd came along. Todd thought that Billy didn't know how to print so he clicked PRINT for him, but Billy had the quantity set to. "30 BILLION!" Billy knew that the printer could print all those pages and much more!

''OH NO!!'' Said Billy, Suddenly his enemy ,Jim told on him.
''Billy's been naughty!'' Jim said. Billy pointed at Todd, the person who clicked print and said.
''He clicked it, he clicked it!''
''No I didn't." Said Todd.
''YES YOU DID!!!'' Billy shouted at Todd.
''Stop it all of you right this minute!'' Snapped his teacher. ''Now at this moment it is better we worked out how to stop the printer.''
''OK.'' They all said.
''Good.'' Said the teacher.
Everything is going wrong like a collapsing building. Thought Billy.

Just then the printer beeped and it's screen lit up like Christmas lights, it said. "No black ink, no black ink!" Billy's cry of pain and agony changed from. ''Nooooooooo!!!!!!!'' To. ''YES yes!!!!" He was suddenly joyful again because he thought it would stop printing, he ran over to the computer and clicked stop printing. Nothing happened, he clicked it again and again and again but nothing happened. Then the printer screen showed. "Everything alright." Billy suddenly howled as he just realized that he had been clicking the wrong button all along. He leaped up on to the table with the computer on and slammed his foot into the screen. His foot went right threw it, he yanked it out and kicked the computer off the table. With an almighty crash it fell onto the floor and lay there with sparks flying all around it. But the printer was still spewing out pages like a sick baby.

Just then billy had a brainwave he tried to block the printer with a block of wood. This had no effect at all. So he yanked out one of its many paper trays, but it still kept printing. He yanked the other trays out again and again and again, but they were all empty. Just then he remembered that since they had built the new paper mill next door they had unlimited supplies of paper to everything in the school that had to do with paper.

He suddenly new how to stop the printer. He pulled and pulled and pulled at the power plug until it came out of the socket. The sudden silence sounded like the world had stopped, then all the kids cheered.
"Billy is our hero!" They cheered. After they had finished cheering the teacher then marched up to Billy and put her hand on his shoulder and shouted.
"YOU'RE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE YOUNG MAN!!!!!!" And pulled him by the ear to the principles office. When he arrived at home his mum grounded him for a year, and he had to work hard to get money for a new computer for the classroom.

The Locked Car. By Ollie.

"Time to go home" Said Cage to himself as he walked to his car. When he was walking he saw some of his friends.
''We heard you were having your 36Th Birthday" said Nathan''.
"Yeah I'm having it when I get home he replied."
"Can you come?"
"Yes see you there."Said Nathan He kept walking to his car.

But when he got to his car he found he had locked his keys inside.''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I locked my keys in my car!!!!!!!!!!'' He said.''Maybe my friends will give me a ride home. '' So he started to walk back to his friends but when he got there his friends already left. So he walked all the way back to his car.

On the way to his car he found a stick and he got to his car and tried to wedge the door open with it. But the stick snapped. "Oh no'' said cage. "I want to go home and have my party".

He went round asking people if he could have a ride home but everyone he asked says no. It was getting darker and darker and soon he gave up. He waked back to his car he sat on the curb thinking about what was probably happening at his house.''They will probably be eating my cake and opening all my presents by now." Cage thought.

Suddenly he found one dollar on the the side of the road so he went to the bus station and waited for a bus. But when the bus got there the bus driver said "I can't let you on the because you don't have enough money."
cage said ''But I need to get home, I locked my keys in my car."
''Did you try the door'' the bus driver said as he closed the door and zoomed off along the road.

Cage went back to his car hoping that the bus driver was right. There were no people or street lights on the street and he couldn't see were he was going he found his car because it was the only one there. He tried the door and it was unlocked. ''THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED''!!!! Shouted cage and got in his car and drove off to his party.....

Inventing Central. By Nael.

Inventing Central had yet to get a star critic to judge how well the business was so they were working very hard for a 5/5. But did they manage this with something unexpected happening? Luke, the company's most talented inventor, had quit and was sad just thinking about it. When he was thinking about it, tears fell out of his eyes because
he was scared that the inventors would get a low star rating.

The next day, Julius, the owner spoke to his staff. "I have a surprise for you." He said. "I hired three new inventors! Meet James, Lenny and Jacob."
"Nooo!" Tim, the team manager said. "Especially not when losing Luke!" He, and the other employees were scared because they thought the new inventors would make matters even worse.
"But they just might make the difference!" Said Julius.
"Were getting a star critic in a couple of days, no way the new inventors will learn everything on time!" Tim said.
"But we have no other option." Said Julius.
The boss disagreed with the rest. "Come on guys, I hired them as a replacement for Luke. I'm sure they'll eventually get the hang of this. No more arguing guys, it's time to make me proud!" He said.
"Oh really?" Tim, an employee said. "They'll get the hang of things? Your right, they'll get the hang of things, the hang of GETTING THINGS WRONG!!!"
"Okay, Okay. They might make some mistakes." Julius said
"Sorry Boss, but they need expert advice." Tim said.

Julius agreed, and Tim called the expert advice company. Shakter from the company picked up the phone. "Hello?"
"Hi, We have three useless inventors." Said Tim
"Don't be so rude." Julius said.
"Ha Ha Ha", Shakter laughed. "I'll do what I can. Bring them to me as soon as possible."

The next day the 3 newbies were expertly treated.
"I don't think it will work. Said Tim. One day of expert advice won't change anything."
"It might, you never know." Julius said
"Boss, this isn't a cartoon! It's obvious were going to get a 1/5."
Just when he said that, the telephone rang. It was the expert advice company. Julius picked up.
"How are they going?" He asked.
"Amazing, they're naturals. Why did you bring them here? They're good enough to be the best in your group." They said.
"Wow! That's so cool. Thank you so much." The boss said. He grinned. Then he turned to Tim. Tim new what that meant. But he was less than excited. "Did you here that?" Julius said to Tim. "They said they were amazing!"
"Yeah well, people can say anything." Replied Tim.
'Why don't you have faith?" Julius asked.

James, Lenny and Jacob returned to the inventors building. It was the big day. The day of judgment. They had to invent and design something. Then the star critic would rate their business. 3,2,1 and they started. They had some difficulty, but they were keen with three newbies. No longer newbies now. Beginners perhaps, and if they lead inventing central to a 5/5, they wouldn't be beginners anymore. Legends, legends is what they would be called.

The results were in. The official Inventing Central's rating will be called out any second now. It was a very nerve racking moment. Their mouths shook and so did their hands. They were quivering with fear. "Don't worry. Whatever happens, we will still be a good company." Julius said. It was scary for them because they didn't know when they would call out their rating, like at the top of a roller coaster you don't know when you'll fall down. But it was just about to be announced and the inventors were waiting nervously for the moment of their lives...
Then in a sudden, the inspector said, "Five out of five!! Congratulations!!"
YAY! YAY! WHOO! Their cheering filled the room, they were celebrating like mad! The picked up James, Lenny and Jacob and celebrated for them. Now they had earned their rights to be called legends.

The Bully. By Sullivan.

Thwack!! "uuunnnggghhh!"That's what thirteen year old boy Billy heard everyday at Rock wood High School. Billy was getting his daily atomic wedgie of agonising pain from the school bully." Another day another atomic wedgie." He thought. He was actually getting into a routine of this. At 9:00 he got an atomic wedgie ,at 10:45 he got a swirly and later at 2:15 he got 25 massive punches thrown at him. This happened to Billy everyday.

The next day Billy was in the cafeteria eating a beef pie with his friends. They were chatting about normal boy stuff when Billy noticed the bully taking a nerds lunch money." I don't know why that bully is so mean." whispered Billy to all his friends.
" I think its because his mum left him at the carnival and never came back for him."Replied Billy's friend in a mysterious." voice that bully is the toughest bully on the west side there is no way anyone can beat him up."

RIIINNGG!!!"Come on you stupid locker I am going to be late for class!!" As Billy struggled to open his locker he didn't notice the bully walking up the hall behind him. Billy's hands began to sweat his eyes began to bulge he looked like a sun burnt boy that had just ran a marathon. With one more mighty pull his hand slipped of the handle and accidentally hit the bully smack dab on the nose.
"OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" Said the bully."You are so going to get it Billy I am going to knock your face into next week,I challenge you to a brawl on Friday after school and don't chicken out!!!!" As the bully kept on walking Billy just stood there petrified his face went as white as snow and he wondered what he just done.

"Why must you always get yourself into these things." Sighed Billy's friend. Billy still petrified from yesterday suddenly came up with a plan,
" I will pretend to be sick and not go to the fight ."Billy aid eagerly. Billy's face went white once more." But I am still going to get beet up the next day." Billy sank back into his chair, The bully walked up behind Billy and flicked him in the back of the head.
"See ya tomorrow hehehehe."

The next day it was time,Billy was paralyzed and scared he stood there on the courtyard waiting for the bully to arrive. The Bully stomped his massive feet on the pitch black gravel as he started to charge, what a beast the bully was. He had gigantic black boots with chain dangling around them,Billy just pictured them stomping his tiny head into the ground. "AAAAGGGHHH" yelled Billy as he ran for his life.
"STAND STILL YOU LITTLE WORM!!!!"Shouted the bully. After fifteen minutes of running for his life Billy was cornered at the flag pole, the bully was about to headbutt Billy when he jumped out of the way, the bully whacked his head on the flag pole. The bully stumbled. Billy found his opening and lightly punched the bully in the stomach, as the bully fell to the ground like a demolished skyscraper the whole crowd gasped.

Billy didn't believe it he had just beaten the bully. "I don't believe it I won,I WOOOONNN!!!." The whole school cheered for Billy. Billy started to pose and dance a victory dance."I can beat anyone,who's next." But Billy noticed his friends leaving with sad faces. Billy just realized what had happened. "I've become the bully." Sighed Billy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Survivor: Ultimate Africa. By Cameron

Max was on summer vacation. He was staring out of a plane window, bored... Very bored... very very ultra mega bored... suddenly "Wow!" Max said as he stared at a mother lion and 2 cubs running across the Savannah! Dad leaned across the isle of the little plane and said "Hows my big 10 year old boy?" "well apart from the three lions, bored" Max said "Um..., well can you at least try to have some fun till we get to Africa?" Asked dad. "Try playing on your Nintendo?" "But-" max began to reply, but Suddenly the plane tilted! Max and his dad was thrown from side to side gripping the seats. Hand over hand they made there way to the control room...

Max's dad opened the cockpit door... "Oh no!" Cried Max's dad
"What?" Said max still stuck behind the door
"Oh help us!"
"help us please!"
"Oh sorry max, look"
"Oh no! He must had a heart attack!" Said max afraid. As Max's dad tried to smile he said "I know we cant drive a plane but we have to try. Besides it's only a little plane . "Well if we are going to drive this plane we better hurry were just about to cra-"

The plane rammed into the trees at great speed, Max was gripping the seat as hard as he could, "THUD!!!" the plane slammed into the biggest tree max had ever seen. Max was thrown across the cabin and he slammed into the glass, the glass shattered and max flew out of the cabin. Max's head hit a tree so Max went spiraling towards an oak tree, he fell to the ground and lost consciousness. Max's dad (Ross) also went flying, but he hit the control panel. When Max woke he could feel the blood trickling down his forehead."Max, Max!". Max could see that his dad's hands were bleeding and a smear of blood was on his cheek. Max groaned
"Thank goodness your OK!"said dad with relief. He pulled max to his feet, then Max and his dad limped into the forest.
"H...hello, any body home?!" Shouted max shivering. "SQUAWK!" Suddenly a parrot flew down from a branch and landed on Max's shoulder, it started pecking at Max's head "Squawk!" "Get off!" shouted Max as he pushed the parrot away. "Look!" Said dad jumping with excitement "The end of the forest!"

The two boys made there way to the opening. Dad's heart almost stopped at the sight... the Sahara desert "Nooooooooooo!" Dad screamed. He screamed so loud that a few birds flew out of the trees and it echoed 6 times before fading away. "Wait I recognise this desert, it was on one of those pamphlets back at the airport!" Cried max "There is a ferry over those dunes we have at least 2 and a halve hours to get there" Max and his dad stared at the giant dunes miles and miles away, and even still they looked huge!

Max and his dad started the long walk to the dock. The sand was burning there feet like hell, it was like they were walking on the sun! They did not know it but there was something watching them... Something big... "Oooowww!!!" Max screamed. Suddenly A huge rattle snake had its teeth rapped around Max's ankle and it wasn't letting go! Everything went blurry as max fell to the hot desert floor screaming trying to fight it off! Luckily his dad had found a rib bone of a dead animal and started whacking the snake with it, Max screamed even louder as his dad had just whacked Max on the shin by accident! "Hissss" The snake slithered away in pain.

Max moaned and moaned, he couldn't walk so his dad carried him over his shoulder to the wharf. "wait!" shouted Max's dad as the ferry left without them, Max's dad started waving and fell to his knees exhausted. suddenly a helicopter flew towards them. Sand stung their eyes as the helicopter landed, max and his dad almost got blown off their feet as the wind was super strong. The pilot strait away recognised Ross, "Oh bless my soul, it's Ross Crutcher! An honer to meet you. We've all been looking for you since the crash."
"Well lets just say we had a little slip up in plans" Said Ross. The helicopter took off and they flew to the hospital...
Max woke "Where am I?" Max said.
"The Doctor said you would be fine, he said that the venom had been removed from your body." Max's dad leaned over the bed and said "you'll be all right buddy, at least we got to Africa."