Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Secret Lives of School Bags

Today we played a little game I like to call Innies and Outies. We sit in a double circle, one on the inside of the other. Mr Hall picks a topic he wants us to talk about. Today's one was "Things In My Bag".
One of the girls said her buddy had a sea of rubbish at the bottom of their bag. They said they need to clean it up! One of our ten-year-old boys has a baby toy in his bag! One person keeps their luchbox open ALL THE TIME. This causes all the lunch to fall out. Someone has 9 things in their luchbox. One of our 9-year-old girls has another sea of rubbish, as well as two very muddy toy cars that drown in it!
One of the boys used to have a 'Barney and Friends' raincoat!

One of the boys has a cashew nut wrapped in a blanket (the cashew nut is also broken in half. It was wrapped in a blanket to keep warm.) The broken cashew nut has been lost! Here is a photo of the empty blanket.

One of the ten year old boys has a screw in his bag. The screw, named Lenny, has been in this bag since year 4, but we think it is lost.

This bag also has a comb that looks very much like it needs a wash. It is covered in hair gel.
Would YOU use this comb!?

What secrets do you have in YOUR bag?

By Becca. Roving reporter for the Huia Whanau.

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Manaiakalani said...

Oh my goodness! I love the reporting but there is no way I am letting you lot know what is in the bottom of my bag. Some things are too gross to be shared....
Mrs Burt
Pt England School