Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cameron & The Mutant Pancake

When we were typing up maths word problems, Cameron typed up the weirdest word problem anyone in the class has ever seen! This was it:

A mutant pancake had 38 ray guns and a portal shot out 41 more right in front of him, so how many ray guns can he use on disgusting human mouths?

Many of us agree that this is the strangest word problem in all of the (about) five pages of word problems we have. Hopefully, Cameron will write more strange word problems like this one about the adventures of the mutant pancake. Perhaps he'll even make a comic about it...

When we read this we imagined some amazing pictures in our heads... that's one of the best things about reading good ideas! They get you thinking!

We'd like to know what YOU see in your head when YOU read this word problem!! Soo... SHOW US!!! Make a picture that shows what you think about
when you read Cameron's idea and SEND IT TO US!! We can't WAIT to see what you come up with and we promise to make a blog post to show off all the ideas that come in!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Mohsin's Soccer Recount: Shark Attack!

A couple of days ago we went down to the court to play some games with soccer balls. We wrote little recount about them afterward and here's Mohsin's:
We were lining up to play soccer! My heart started pounding with excitement and then I started to jump! I wondered how this was going to go and we started warming up, then we got into action. My legs started twitching and my whole body shook with fear because we had to play shark attack where we have to get past the cones before the coach who was acting as the shark gets our soccer ball. Okay, it was my turn, I ran out, I couldn't resist it I wanted to scream! Sully ran into me then... I ran, I dodged that one, now the next one, my head was spinning, somehow I began to pray. I kept dodging one more, then the ball came loose it was beginning to make me shake it came towards Shania then something happened...