Friday, August 7, 2009

Mohsin's Soccer Recount: Shark Attack!

A couple of days ago we went down to the court to play some games with soccer balls. We wrote little recount about them afterward and here's Mohsin's:
We were lining up to play soccer! My heart started pounding with excitement and then I started to jump! I wondered how this was going to go and we started warming up, then we got into action. My legs started twitching and my whole body shook with fear because we had to play shark attack where we have to get past the cones before the coach who was acting as the shark gets our soccer ball. Okay, it was my turn, I ran out, I couldn't resist it I wanted to scream! Sully ran into me then... I ran, I dodged that one, now the next one, my head was spinning, somehow I began to pray. I kept dodging one more, then the ball came loose it was beginning to make me shake it came towards Shania then something happened...


Anonymous said...

WOW! mohsin GREAT RECOUNT you have improved soooooooooo much since i left

From Blake

Sela said...

Hi there Extreme Team 14,
By the sounds of it you guys sound like an active classroom. I love to play soccer and other types of sport like touch, rugby and sometimes just kicking the ball on the field. I've never played Shark Attack but if I did I'm surer I would've felt the same way as Moshin. I am not a very active person sometimes because I just like to walk and talk with my friends. At my school Pt england we've got a new teacher and I'm sure we'll play a lot of games (if we're good!!) If we do I'll suggest we play the game Shark Attack!!


Anonymous said...

I really felt the rollercoaster in that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Hall and class

That's a great recount.When did you pay shark attack.

From Kayla 45r

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