Friday, June 5, 2009

Ice Strikes Summerland!

These past few days its been really cold in the mornings in New Zealand... but Summerland don't care they just have fun on the ice. One morning it got so cold Campbell, Mohsin, Josh and Adam went on the field because it got covered with ice.
Did you know at midnight it was -2 degrees celcius! And this is what we did..

By Campbell, Mohsin, Josh and Adam on ice!!!

NB: Mr Hall is aware that the voice on the video may sound like his. Of course this isn't possible. He would never support such jersey wrecking hijinks.


BlogTwenty said...

I am pleased that I am not the mother who has to wash and mend the uniforms, I can't believe that this did not make you freezing, it looks like heaps of fun though

rafael said...

this looks really cool. were you cold?
it looks really cool i wish i could do that.


BlogTwenty said...

Wow Room 14 this looks like so much fun, you guys are lucky you thought of doing that.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys that looks like so much fun...... I also made frost angels at my new school (as expected)from blake

Ara said...

and nice snow angels
i wish i did that but its not cold now no frost.

Anonymous said...

Very COOL. I wish I were there to have the fun with you. You must have been very cold by the end of it.