Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mt Ruapehu

First I'd like to say sorry that I didn't tell you who was writing on the post before this.

It's Becca, one of the kids in room 14.

Anyway, on Saturday we left Rotorua and went to Mt Ruapehu. For about an hour what I saw out the window was either pine/temperate forest and/or meadows/towns, then as we went up the mountain it was cold scrublands (tussock grass and other small plants) which finally turned into snowy rocks. Now, this was the first time I had EVER seen snow, so I want you to imagine it. Imagine the first time you saw snow, and how excited you were. Now imagine how excited you would have been if you had been hearing about how awesome the snow was for about 5 years and not seen it at all until now. Now you know how I felt. I'm 10 now. I was also ten when I saw it.
We were planning to stay there for 2 hours. That was until we discovered that it was 2 degrees outside with 80 kilometer-an-hour winds. Because of that, we stayed for about 2 seconds! We put on warm clothes, crossed the road, picked up a chunk of ice, chucked it in the chilly-bin, and got back in the car! We did stop to look at some icicles on the way down though, and they were really cool.
The picture shows me and my mum by the icicles, and the mountain from the southern side.


michellee said...

What an excellent recount of your feelings Becca. I know exactly how you feel. Seeing and touching snow for the first time is pretty memorable. It sounds like you are having a great time on your trip.

Miss Signal said...

What a fantastic recount of your trip! It was so well written it reminded me of the first time I ever went snowboarding to Mt Ruapehu. I was very nervous, but very excited to be seeing this marvellous icy wonder! Your trip sounded amazing - shame that the weather wasn't much nicer for you.
Miss S.