Thursday, November 5, 2009

Race Against Time By Sean

A man ran panting through the streets of Wellington on a dark and stormy night. He was on his way to parliament. Heart beating like a drum, sweat pouring like a fountain it was the happiest day of his life he ws running he had to make it he was at the gate and..." Nooooooo!!!".

Sebastian was once a very simple boring man. If anything he was very mechanical. He used the same routine every day. But this day was different. Ring ring
"Hello" said Sebastian answering the phone.
"Is this Sebastian" came the reply
"Yes" said Sebastian worried.
"I'm very sorry sir but your brother is dying at the local hospital on baker street and he wants you to come right away." Without further reply Sebastian slammed down the phone and raced to the hospital.
"Sebastian is that you?" his brother said in a rather croaky voice. Sebastian stepped in and as he stepped in he saw his brother as pale as a ghost lying on his bed staring at an old album looking over the pictures at when they were young and in their teens.
" I heard you were sick so I came" said Sebastian mournfully.
"I'm sorry" Sebastian added.
"Ah forget it." said his brother. Closing the book. He made a gesture and Sebastian sat down.
"What happened"said Sebastian curiously.
" My hearts failing. Man, what I'd do for a new one." He said
"Anyway the real reason I brought you here is not to pity me, listen I need money" He said half regreting he had asked.
" How much do you need?" said Sebastian. " $250,000" he replied holding back.
"What!" Sebastian almost had a heart attack himself.

Two days later he was in bed thinking about what to do about his brother when his cellphone rang.
"Hello" said Sebastian. "Is this Sebastian" said the caller gloomily
"Yeah" he said.
" I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself my name is Greg." He said a little chirpier though Sebastian didn't really notice.
" I know this might seem a bit uncanny but I called 'cause I know you need money" he said slyly.
"I'm offering you $250,000" said the man
"Is this some sort of joke cause if it is its not funny" said Sebastian.
"Listen this isn't a joke I'm offering you a job I saw you are a business man in trouble so I'm offering you this chance to be a CEO again, take the $250,000 as pay in advance"He said. "That sounds great when do I start?" Sebastian waited and he thought he heard a shocked tone.
"Listen your on flight 29 on your way to Wellington" he said rapidly. " You have 10 minutes say your name and they will let you on the flight. HURRY!!!" He screamed.
"But---" and the phone cut off. In a flash Sebastian ran to his suitcase opened it and started stuffing things in like mad then he rushed to the road for a taxi. Minutes later he's walking and almost there when he is stopped by a message over the speaker.
" Plane 29 has left the air strip". Then what seemed like the whole world. Heard a blood-curling yell and then a fit of sobs. "No" He said " I cant miss that plane". As he walked home he bought a cup of coffee and a newspaper and sat down as he was browsing the paper he noticed something. "Thats it!". He screamed.

Suddenly the whole cafeteria stopped to look at him.
"Sorry" said Sebastian. As everyone resumed to their so busy lives. What he saw was an add in the paper offering a ride to a station then taking him to his destination the Wellington parliament. Sebastian checked his watch perfect!. Just about enough time to make it if he hurries.
"O.K. I have exactly 23 hours and 48 minutes to get there the harbours 3 miles from here oh look ill take that bus!".

Ring ring ring "Oh hello" said the shopkeeper. As Sebastian went in.
"What can I do for you " he said.
"Two tickets on the Queen Mary please" Sebastian replied
"Going to Wellington eh'?" said the shopkeeper as he leaned over to get the ticket.
"Yeah" said Sebastian.
"Well anyways that'll be $218.40 but you'd best be going the boat leaves in a couple of minutes" Sebastian handed him the money and walked out.
Urg arh eh "Seasick are you?" said a man passing by.
"Yeah" replied Sebastian
"Maybe you should go see the ships nurse, you dont look so good". Sebastian just caught as he was leaving. Suddenly boom! crash! bang! then silence. Sebastian ran out to see what was happening. There was a large crowd outside. Sebastian tried to listen but over the noise he could only catch the words.
"Engine broken" Sebastian was flabbergasted. Then the crowd settled down and the captain said
"All mechanics please report to the egine room"

Clang clang whir whoosh! how the engine roared into life. They were back on track Sebastian was hot and sweaty they had worked long however they needed and he was tired he went on to get some sleep. Next thing he heard was a loud beeep!. He woke up with a start but they had made it. He looked at his watch
"Oh" Sebastian said there was a hour left and the bus was coming he calmly walked out it was a very unpleasent night. He was on his way to the parliament. So as he left his cabin he was devastated to hear that a man on the loud speaker was saying.
"I'm sorry the bus has broken down It will take about an hour to fix, we offer--" thats all Sebastian heard as he raced to find a taxi, he was 20 miles away.

7. " The parliament please and quick!"yelled Sebastian. The taxi driver took off and Sebastian looked at his watch, 25 minutes it would only take 20 minutes to get there. He laid back in his seat. He woke with a start it had been smooth sailing until now. The taxi driver was outside inspecting the traffic.
"Oh no" Sebastian looked at his watch ahhh! he had been sleeping for 50 minutes!. But he could make-out the silhouette of the paliament house in the distance. As quick as lightning he ran out the barely missing the door as he was running for what seemed like hours. Now he could see the staircases of the parliament he saw the gate reached for it and...
"Noooooooo!". He was too late they had closed. He fell on his knees suddenly. Ring ring Sebastian didn't want to answer but the ringing wouldn't stop he picked up his cellphone.
"Hello" Said Sebastian sadly.
" Hi Sebastian this is Greg I know I told you to go to Wellington I never thought you would make it, actually I was quite sure you didn't make it anyway your brothers all paid for but the reason I called you is to tell you that--" Then the phone cut off.

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