Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Accident. By Terri

Late one evening Cara went one a bike ride far from home, but half way through, she was rounding a corner when her bike hit a large rock ''AGRRRHHH!'' Screamed Cara as she went crashing to the ground with a huge ''THUMP!' ''Ohh, MAN!''She yelled as she studied the huge graze going right down her leg.Cara tried to get back onto her bike, but for some reason she couldn't! Then she saw why, when she had fallen off her bike her ankle had gone 'CRACK!' It was broken. Pain shot through her leg as she tried to put her foot on the pedals over and over again.

She sat down and tried to think of what to do, but nothing would come, so she tried calling for help, but because she was in the middle of the forest There was no one for miles: Cara tried calling again and a dog sprinted out of the bush, it started sniffing and then stopped when it got to Cara, it sniffed at her pocket and then sat down and tilted its head,
''what THE?!!'' Cara thought, but then she remembered something, ''of COURSE!'' She thought, the dog had smelt her bacon! She had put it in her pocket in case she got hungry! Cara thought about this for a moment, then she wondered if the dog had an owner, she loved dogs, and look at the way its tilting its head, she thought, it was so CUTE! She thought about it for a moment, and then gave the dog one of the pieces of her bacon.

The dog ate happily, then a thought struck Cara. She could use her bike lock to put on the dogs collar and join it to the handle-bars of her bike so that it could take her to its owner! ''If it has one.'' Cara thought. Then she did it. The dog finished eating and looked at Cara again with those CUTE milky-brown eyes, its head automatically tilted, it was just TOO cute! Cara had plenty of bacon, and used it all to get the dog to run.

After hours with the dog, Cara finally, through tired eyes, saw a little cottage at the side of a foot path. The dog went up to the door and started barking, the barking was answered by a tall, thin man, who yelled ''FLUFFY! Me boy! I've bin' lookin' for yeh fer days!'' Fluffy barked and licked his owner's face, ''oh, Fluffy, who've yeh bought with yeh? MY! What did yeh do to tha' ankle o' yours?????''
''Oh, well, sir, I was hoping you could help me! I broke my ankle when my bike hit a rock!''
The man smiled. ''Well, tha's lucky for you!'' He said. Cara frowned, What is WRONG with this man?!!! She thought, but then he said ''cause I'm a DOCTOR!''
''Well, that's GREAT!'' Yelled Cara, surprised.
''Well, I think I o' ta get started on tha' ankle o' yours, then!'' ''THANKS!'' Yelled Cara, but he'd already gone inside.

He brought out a first-aid-kit and set to work. Just minutes later, Cara was testing her ankle, the doctor had put it in a special cast made for ankles. SHE COULD WALK AGAIN! But there was still one problem, she couldn't bike because of the cast! But the doctor insisted that he'd give her a ride home.....
Cara arrived home safely to a worried mum and dad and had to explain why she took so long and what happened.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

great thinking Terri when Cara broke her ankle I couldn't think of anything for the adventure.


Riannah said...

That sounds like it hurt I hope you got better.

Anonymous said...

Great story Terri. I look forward to reading more of your stories. Maybe you'll write a book one day!