Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Locked Car. By Ollie.

"Time to go home" Said Cage to himself as he walked to his car. When he was walking he saw some of his friends.
''We heard you were having your 36Th Birthday" said Nathan''.
"Yeah I'm having it when I get home he replied."
"Can you come?"
"Yes see you there."Said Nathan He kept walking to his car.

But when he got to his car he found he had locked his keys inside.''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I locked my keys in my car!!!!!!!!!!'' He said.''Maybe my friends will give me a ride home. '' So he started to walk back to his friends but when he got there his friends already left. So he walked all the way back to his car.

On the way to his car he found a stick and he got to his car and tried to wedge the door open with it. But the stick snapped. "Oh no'' said cage. "I want to go home and have my party".

He went round asking people if he could have a ride home but everyone he asked says no. It was getting darker and darker and soon he gave up. He waked back to his car he sat on the curb thinking about what was probably happening at his house.''They will probably be eating my cake and opening all my presents by now." Cage thought.

Suddenly he found one dollar on the the side of the road so he went to the bus station and waited for a bus. But when the bus got there the bus driver said "I can't let you on the because you don't have enough money."
cage said ''But I need to get home, I locked my keys in my car."
''Did you try the door'' the bus driver said as he closed the door and zoomed off along the road.

Cage went back to his car hoping that the bus driver was right. There were no people or street lights on the street and he couldn't see were he was going he found his car because it was the only one there. He tried the door and it was unlocked. ''THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED''!!!! Shouted cage and got in his car and drove off to his party.....

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Extreme Team 14 said...

Hey lOllie!

cool story!
I like it, I like it a lot
and did his friends open his presents and eat his cake?