Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Interview. By Sanaya.

" Hurry up mum we will be late for my interview!", Scarlet bellowed out. She was very worried. A few minutes later inside the car Scarlet was nervously clenching her fists and sweat was dripping down her forehead. She was thinking what will happen if my words are gone from my head, and what happens if they ask me questions I don't know. She was going to her fifth interview and this time if she missed it she wouldn't get the job and she has missed a lot of interviews before. It was her dream job.

EREK!!!! mum braked so hard at the red signal that they nearly fell of their seats. They waited for it to turn green but... Mum let go of the brake and something wrong happened, the car wouldn't go. Scarlet's mum checked the petrol tank and she saw.... "Oh no Scarlet the petrol ran out we can't go anymore", shouted Bella.
"Oh no this can't be happing I won't be able to get my job". Beep Beep Honk Honk " Move your car lady", the man at the back shouted. " We can't it's run out of Petrol", shouted Scarlet.

" Can somebody help", screamed Bella.
" Wait I have an idea let us try and push the car Scarlet said.
"It's not working what are we going to do", Scarlet said.
" Well of course it's not going to work it's heavier than you are", said Bella. Scarlet didn't even bother to listen she was thinking for a solution and it suddenly came to her. " That's it I am going to look for a taxi", shouted Scarlet. She ran to look for a taxi with her heart pounding like a sprinter. 10 minutes past and no taxi came. After a while she walked back to the car with tears in her eyes dripping one by one. Her mum comforted her just like the old days when Scarlet was a baby.

Bella and Scarlet tried one more time but it still didn't work. " Hello, Hello can somebody please help", asked Scarlet on her half broken phone. Nobody picked up, she knew that she wouldn't get the job, she was angry and upset. She was never like this before. " Don't worry Scarlet I know you will get the job", said her mum. Scarlet stared at her jagged car like a dumb kid. She didn't even bother to talk and she just wept in her cold bare hands. " Mum I know this is terrible, I know your angry and I absolutely know I won't get the job", wept Scarlet.
" It's okay if you don't get the job and I am not angry, who made you think that" replied Scarlet's mum.

Scarlet picked up her cellphone which was nearly broken and called her boss. " Hello boss, I have important news. I know I am late I can't make it today to the interview so can you please give my job to the next person on the list I am very sorry", said Scarlet.
" What there is no interview today it's tomorrow didn't you listen", said the boss.
" WHAT!!!! no inter... interview today but how could that be", said Scarlet.
She took a pause and took out her note book and she read with her eyes what it said. Tuesday 9:00 sharp Board Room. " NOOOO!!!I can't make it tomorrow", said Scarlet.
"Oh well to bad for you won't get the job", said the boss.

Scarlet felt depressed and angry. " What, how can he do this to me", said Scarlet to her mum. Her mum comforted her but Scarlet just pushed her hand away. She cut the line in anger and locked it. Scarlet decided to call the tow truck to come and get her car. Minutes past and after 30 minutes it finally came with a really loud beeping sound. The people came and stuck the car to the handle. Scarlet had to walk ALL the way back home with tear drops in her eyes. Tears dropped on the road and that night she never forgot the day when she missed her dream job.


Extreme Team 14 said...

Poor Scarlet! Great story Sanaya, I enjoyed reading it and throughout the story I was wondering if she would get there on time. You really hooked me in!

Anonymous said...

hi sanaya I thought that was a great story it hooked the reader in and the story was very intresting.

I can't wait for my Narritive to go on the blog.!

Great job!!!! :)