Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Bully. By Sullivan.

Thwack!! "uuunnnggghhh!"That's what thirteen year old boy Billy heard everyday at Rock wood High School. Billy was getting his daily atomic wedgie of agonising pain from the school bully." Another day another atomic wedgie." He thought. He was actually getting into a routine of this. At 9:00 he got an atomic wedgie ,at 10:45 he got a swirly and later at 2:15 he got 25 massive punches thrown at him. This happened to Billy everyday.

The next day Billy was in the cafeteria eating a beef pie with his friends. They were chatting about normal boy stuff when Billy noticed the bully taking a nerds lunch money." I don't know why that bully is so mean." whispered Billy to all his friends.
" I think its because his mum left him at the carnival and never came back for him."Replied Billy's friend in a mysterious." voice that bully is the toughest bully on the west side there is no way anyone can beat him up."

RIIINNGG!!!"Come on you stupid locker I am going to be late for class!!" As Billy struggled to open his locker he didn't notice the bully walking up the hall behind him. Billy's hands began to sweat his eyes began to bulge he looked like a sun burnt boy that had just ran a marathon. With one more mighty pull his hand slipped of the handle and accidentally hit the bully smack dab on the nose.
"OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" Said the bully."You are so going to get it Billy I am going to knock your face into next week,I challenge you to a brawl on Friday after school and don't chicken out!!!!" As the bully kept on walking Billy just stood there petrified his face went as white as snow and he wondered what he just done.

"Why must you always get yourself into these things." Sighed Billy's friend. Billy still petrified from yesterday suddenly came up with a plan,
" I will pretend to be sick and not go to the fight ."Billy aid eagerly. Billy's face went white once more." But I am still going to get beet up the next day." Billy sank back into his chair, The bully walked up behind Billy and flicked him in the back of the head.
"See ya tomorrow hehehehe."

The next day it was time,Billy was paralyzed and scared he stood there on the courtyard waiting for the bully to arrive. The Bully stomped his massive feet on the pitch black gravel as he started to charge, what a beast the bully was. He had gigantic black boots with chain dangling around them,Billy just pictured them stomping his tiny head into the ground. "AAAAGGGHHH" yelled Billy as he ran for his life.
"STAND STILL YOU LITTLE WORM!!!!"Shouted the bully. After fifteen minutes of running for his life Billy was cornered at the flag pole, the bully was about to headbutt Billy when he jumped out of the way, the bully whacked his head on the flag pole. The bully stumbled. Billy found his opening and lightly punched the bully in the stomach, as the bully fell to the ground like a demolished skyscraper the whole crowd gasped.

Billy didn't believe it he had just beaten the bully. "I don't believe it I won,I WOOOONNN!!!." The whole school cheered for Billy. Billy started to pose and dance a victory dance."I can beat anyone,who's next." But Billy noticed his friends leaving with sad faces. Billy just realized what had happened. "I've become the bully." Sighed Billy.


Anonymous said...

nice sully

from blake

Extreme Team 14 said...

Nice narrative sully lots of fighting in it, well lots of dodging for billy.