Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Printer of Doom. By Adam.

"Why do I always end up outside the Principal's office?" Thought Billy. Just then the moment he dreaded came, the door handle creaked slowly around and then the doorway trembled and then dust came floating down like snow on Christmas day and gently landed on the ground as the door was pushed inwards. Then a thin and bony hand reached round the door and felt around in till it turned the light on, even though it was the sunniest day in the year. Billy was sweating, not just ordinary sweating, it looked like at any moment a mini flash flood would take hold of the room and sweep everything away. Just then the principal came in, he looked very angry as he sat down behind his desk. Then the words came.
"You are in big trouble Billy this is the 9Th time you've been sent to me. I've never had in the history of the school a person as naughty as you, you are running on thin ground Billy, now go back to your class and I never want to hear your name again. Understood?" Said the principal.
"Yes." Said Billy, hoping to escape from his angry principals rampage.

When Billy got back to the class he then got back to doing an assignment on the computer, once the teacher told him what his class were doing. "This is fun." Thought Billy. When Billy had finished doing his assignment he started to fiddle with the number of copies to print, when Todd came along. Todd thought that Billy didn't know how to print so he clicked PRINT for him, but Billy had the quantity set to. "30 BILLION!" Billy knew that the printer could print all those pages and much more!

''OH NO!!'' Said Billy, Suddenly his enemy ,Jim told on him.
''Billy's been naughty!'' Jim said. Billy pointed at Todd, the person who clicked print and said.
''He clicked it, he clicked it!''
''No I didn't." Said Todd.
''YES YOU DID!!!'' Billy shouted at Todd.
''Stop it all of you right this minute!'' Snapped his teacher. ''Now at this moment it is better we worked out how to stop the printer.''
''OK.'' They all said.
''Good.'' Said the teacher.
Everything is going wrong like a collapsing building. Thought Billy.

Just then the printer beeped and it's screen lit up like Christmas lights, it said. "No black ink, no black ink!" Billy's cry of pain and agony changed from. ''Nooooooooo!!!!!!!'' To. ''YES yes!!!!" He was suddenly joyful again because he thought it would stop printing, he ran over to the computer and clicked stop printing. Nothing happened, he clicked it again and again and again but nothing happened. Then the printer screen showed. "Everything alright." Billy suddenly howled as he just realized that he had been clicking the wrong button all along. He leaped up on to the table with the computer on and slammed his foot into the screen. His foot went right threw it, he yanked it out and kicked the computer off the table. With an almighty crash it fell onto the floor and lay there with sparks flying all around it. But the printer was still spewing out pages like a sick baby.

Just then billy had a brainwave he tried to block the printer with a block of wood. This had no effect at all. So he yanked out one of its many paper trays, but it still kept printing. He yanked the other trays out again and again and again, but they were all empty. Just then he remembered that since they had built the new paper mill next door they had unlimited supplies of paper to everything in the school that had to do with paper.

He suddenly new how to stop the printer. He pulled and pulled and pulled at the power plug until it came out of the socket. The sudden silence sounded like the world had stopped, then all the kids cheered.
"Billy is our hero!" They cheered. After they had finished cheering the teacher then marched up to Billy and put her hand on his shoulder and shouted.
"YOU'RE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE YOUNG MAN!!!!!!" And pulled him by the ear to the principles office. When he arrived at home his mum grounded him for a year, and he had to work hard to get money for a new computer for the classroom.

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