Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inventing Central. By Nael.

Inventing Central had yet to get a star critic to judge how well the business was so they were working very hard for a 5/5. But did they manage this with something unexpected happening? Luke, the company's most talented inventor, had quit and was sad just thinking about it. When he was thinking about it, tears fell out of his eyes because
he was scared that the inventors would get a low star rating.

The next day, Julius, the owner spoke to his staff. "I have a surprise for you." He said. "I hired three new inventors! Meet James, Lenny and Jacob."
"Nooo!" Tim, the team manager said. "Especially not when losing Luke!" He, and the other employees were scared because they thought the new inventors would make matters even worse.
"But they just might make the difference!" Said Julius.
"Were getting a star critic in a couple of days, no way the new inventors will learn everything on time!" Tim said.
"But we have no other option." Said Julius.
The boss disagreed with the rest. "Come on guys, I hired them as a replacement for Luke. I'm sure they'll eventually get the hang of this. No more arguing guys, it's time to make me proud!" He said.
"Oh really?" Tim, an employee said. "They'll get the hang of things? Your right, they'll get the hang of things, the hang of GETTING THINGS WRONG!!!"
"Okay, Okay. They might make some mistakes." Julius said
"Sorry Boss, but they need expert advice." Tim said.

Julius agreed, and Tim called the expert advice company. Shakter from the company picked up the phone. "Hello?"
"Hi, We have three useless inventors." Said Tim
"Don't be so rude." Julius said.
"Ha Ha Ha", Shakter laughed. "I'll do what I can. Bring them to me as soon as possible."

The next day the 3 newbies were expertly treated.
"I don't think it will work. Said Tim. One day of expert advice won't change anything."
"It might, you never know." Julius said
"Boss, this isn't a cartoon! It's obvious were going to get a 1/5."
Just when he said that, the telephone rang. It was the expert advice company. Julius picked up.
"How are they going?" He asked.
"Amazing, they're naturals. Why did you bring them here? They're good enough to be the best in your group." They said.
"Wow! That's so cool. Thank you so much." The boss said. He grinned. Then he turned to Tim. Tim new what that meant. But he was less than excited. "Did you here that?" Julius said to Tim. "They said they were amazing!"
"Yeah well, people can say anything." Replied Tim.
'Why don't you have faith?" Julius asked.

James, Lenny and Jacob returned to the inventors building. It was the big day. The day of judgment. They had to invent and design something. Then the star critic would rate their business. 3,2,1 and they started. They had some difficulty, but they were keen with three newbies. No longer newbies now. Beginners perhaps, and if they lead inventing central to a 5/5, they wouldn't be beginners anymore. Legends, legends is what they would be called.

The results were in. The official Inventing Central's rating will be called out any second now. It was a very nerve racking moment. Their mouths shook and so did their hands. They were quivering with fear. "Don't worry. Whatever happens, we will still be a good company." Julius said. It was scary for them because they didn't know when they would call out their rating, like at the top of a roller coaster you don't know when you'll fall down. But it was just about to be announced and the inventors were waiting nervously for the moment of their lives...
Then in a sudden, the inspector said, "Five out of five!! Congratulations!!"
YAY! YAY! WHOO! Their cheering filled the room, they were celebrating like mad! The picked up James, Lenny and Jacob and celebrated for them. Now they had earned their rights to be called legends.

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