Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Danger, Success or Failure' by Mohsin.

John was a guy who was always late for meetings. He has to interview people but when he was late for the fourth time his boss said, ''don't miss tommorow's meeting I'm giving you a warning''. The next day, John was wondering when was the next meeting when... the phone rang interrupting his thoughts. ''HELLO!!, I mean hello''said John.
''John Better not be Late again''. SLAM!
''man'', thought John ''that boss always screams like a cat, ''John said.''I will not be late again''. He said with confidence. So he got changed into his suit and jumped into the car and zoomed off.

When John arrived at the city, a new building sight was blocking the way. It was dark and the smell of it filled up his nose. John could hear a drip of a leaking pipe. he could also hear the cars beeping waiting to get to the other side,''Now how am I going to get to the meeting in time?''. Just then he saw a walk way that lead to the other side. there was a sign of the site that said DO NOT CROSS. John got furious and got out of his car. He new he shouldn't but he had no choice... but... he did.

''Phew''. He said with relief. After a few minutes he reached the building,''What time is it?''. he said with fear. He went to the elavator and his hand trembled when he pressed the button 2nd floor and up he went.''Come on hurry...hurry'' he repeated over and over again. but... ''BOOM''!!!!. the elavator stopped.

He stomped on the elavator floor and looked annoyed,'' Why does this always happen to me? I don't deserve this!'' He said. His heart was sore, he was breathing deeply, his muscles were aching. But then he noticed something. There was a vent. Just then two thoughts struck his mind. Where does it lead to and Could I fit through the vent?. So he climbed in the vent and kept going,'' this vent smells like grandpas 85 year old sock''.He said. He saw a room bellow and jumped down... it was completely empty,'' That's it!! I wasted my time no actually I wasted my life''. he said with anger. The wind blew passed him it made him calm down then he heard voices above him.

''I'm in the wrong room?''. John said, the wind blew past him again another feeling came in it was the feeling of HOPE! he went to the third floor his aching and sore heart went away. He was there. He opened the door. He only could hear his heart thump but nothing else

''John''. His boss said with a suprise look on his face said,
''yes''. John replied .''John''. The judge said again
'' Just finish the sentence will ya''. John said
''You have come to meeting in time'' said his boss,
''yes!!!'' his heart pounded with excitement then he jumped. After the meeting that John came early on his mum came ''I heard you were doing dangerous stunts to get to the meeting'' she said.'' sorry''.Said John but.... John was interupted by his mum with a sentence......that's my son...and boy then his mum squeezed his cheeks then his face went red and he was blushing with embrassment.

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That rocked the name hooked me in then you topped it of with this that is top of te line mega super duper awesome I mean owesome! No awesoe see it's so awesome it's making me confused!