Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Where's My Dog?' by Shannon

Melissa was taking her dog Lucky to her best friend Kaitlyn's house. When she got there they all went to the park . Melissa had never had so much fun in her life especially when they started to play with a frisbee. They had so much energy .
"Wow this is so much fun" Melissa said.
"I know and I was wondering if Lucky could come to our house for the night?"
"Yeah sure" replied Melissa.

Later on that day Melissa's mum sent a text to come home. So Melissa said goodbye to Kaitlyn and walked to the bus stop she caught a bus began day dreaming about something random like fruit and a rainforest and wasn't thinking about Lucky. As soon as she got home and in the gate she held it open for Lucky to come in......
"Come on Luck....."Then realised Lucky wasn't behind her. She was so worried. "Lucky?...Lucky here doggy where are you?"
she mumbled."Oh no what am I going to do?When mum finds out she's gonna flip!".
So she decided to try and find the park.

"Bus!Hey bus stop!"yelled Melissa. The bus pulled over. "I've lost my dog at the park".
"Umm...Okay do you want to go to the park?" the bus driver said to her.
"Yes please".They stopped at a park.
"Here we go" the bus driver said to her.
Melissa got off the bus "Umm thanks but I don't think.."
But the bus was already gone "darn it!" she had gotten on the wrong bus Melissa needed to find the right park now that she was lost. She ran to the train station . And caught a train.As Melissa was on the train she saw some dogs with their owner walk past and thought of Lucky.

While she looked out the window she saw some parks nearby.
"Hey there is...oh no it's not".
"maybe its no its not that one either."
She hopped off the train and looked for some more parks but couldn't find the right one
"man this is annoying!" She thought to herself.Melissa was getting frustrated and worried about Lucky.

Melissa was over trying to find the right park but in the distance she heard some dogs she thought "that's got to be it." She sprinted to the park with her heart pounding against her chest.Finally she was there " man." There were so many dogs that she couldn't count them. "Oh come gotta be kidding me!?" she puffed.
She was so annoyed and angry that her face was completely red and looked like she was about to explode.

She walked through the park looking anxiously at every dog she walked past.Melissa was tired of trying to find her dog then she heard a familiar voice "LUCKY!" and saw a familiar dog run up to the girl who called. It was Kaitlyn!!! Suddenly out of the blue Melissa ran up to the dog and tackled it! And it was Lucky! But Melissa had forgotten that Lucky was staying at Kaitlyn's house and she done all of that for nothing. Still Melissa would never forget anything as important as her dog Lucky.


maddie said...

Hi shonnon that was a very good story and I loved it I hope you become a writer and wright lots of books including this one.

love ya work bro!!!!

Sanaya said...

Hi Shannon

I really love your story it made me go on a roller coster. It really hooked me in. I can't wait till hear the second part of the story

I love it bro