Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hannah went for a walk in a forest for exercise. She left a trail of coloured feathers so she wouldn't get lost. Hannah had a party to go to. It meant a lot to her because it was the first time she was invited to her friend's sleepover birthday party and she was very excited. Hannah walked into the forest slowly the same thing was going around in her head "what if a cat jumps out?" which scared her because she was scared of cats because once her friend Jess's cat bit her so badly that she had to go hospital and couldn't use the hand for a month.

At last Hannah reached the heart of the forest. She turned around and screamed 'the feathers are gone!" What was she going to do? She was 100% sure that she left them there. She was never going to make it in time for the party.

Hannah looked everywhere for the feathers when suddenly she saw a cat fiddling with them. Hannah was so frightened she hid behind a bush, in the dirt which she hated. Hannah thought very hard and 2 minutes went by. Hannah knew she was going to be late for her friend's birthday party but she didn't have time to think about that now, she needed to think about getting home.

Hannah tried to throw a rock at the cat but her aiming was bad because she'd always hated sports. She also realised that punishing the cat would not take her back home. Hannah sat on a nearby rock and scrunched her fist untill her whole hand was completely white not even a little speck of red. All Hannah did from there was thinking but the problem was that she never thought straight.

Hannah looked at the cat's collar so she could blame the owner for getting her lost and then show off her stories and get all the attention in the future. On the collar it said Hannah's surname "Star" Hannah was confused maybe her mum had brought a new cat "but why?" thought Hannah, "I thought I had already told mum I was afraid of cats." Hannah started to walk in circles thinking what to do next.

Hannah walked up to the cat. It jumped into Hannah's arms.It looked at Hannah with its shiny green eyes."Oh...Oh...Kay" Hannah said. The cat jumped off Hannah's arms. The cat started walking Hannah followed it hoping
it would lead her home......It turned out that the cat did lead her home. Hannah asked her mum if her mum brought the cat. Her respond was a yes.
"why did you buy a cat when you know when I am afraid of cats"
Hannah asked.
"you've been afraid of cats for most of your life so I wanted to get you over it" Answered Hannah's mum
"well that answers a lot!" Hannah exclaimed.
Hannah made it in time for Jess's birthday party and always felt safe with her cat from that day.


Anonymous said...

Love your story Neha.

From Noor

Anonymous said...

Neha That story is soo cool I never new that cats were so scary you have warned me!!! Good job Neha that rocked!!!

**From Tori-Grace**