Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soccer Fever, by Travis.

It was the final.Dylan and his team hadn't won a single game in the season.The opposition striker chipped the ball into the air Dylan the goalie had a chance!Dylan felt the ball brush his fingers back,he could catch it!,Dylan tryed to catch it....OH NO!The ball was to slippery for him,he couldn't hold on and the ball went into the back of the net!Dylan wondered if he could get out of this mess!!!

Before the game had even begun Dylan and his parents actually arrived at a ground,they soon realized Dylan couldn't find his team.Dylan's heart was pounding like a ball hitting the ground.They jumped back into the car looking for the pitch.Dylan was getting frustrated.He spotted one of his team mates walking with his mum to the ground so they followed them to the pitch.The ref had already started the game without Dylan!The opposition had the ball,Dylan raced out of the car and towards the goal.The opposition had beaten Dylan's mid-fielders.Dylan was almost there!The opposition had beaten Dylan's defenders!They shoot the ball....

Dylan saved it!It rebounded out to the opposition strikers!He was a few metres directly in front of the goal.But that gave the opposition's striker an option....the opposition chipped the ball very high into the air.Dylan felt the ball hit his hand!Dylan's going to save it!He was terrified,what would happen if it went in?Would his team get angry at him?Dylan thought in that split second....OH NO!The ball's to slippery for him he dropped the ball into the goal.Dylan and his team were gutted.The score was 1-0 to the opposition.

Dylan's team kicked off,the opposition stole the ball off Dylan's team straight away.Meanwhile one of the parents dropped their chocolate bar in the corner of Dylan's goal,it was very small and Dylan didn't spot it until....

Dylan spotted the chocolate bar!It was his favourite kind....CADBURY!He would never let anything harm the chocolate bar,he hadn't had one in months since his Dad put him on a diet.Dylan ignored the ball and dived for the chocolate bar's safety,he felt the ball hit his back....Dylan had saved the ball!The ball deflected off his back,over the opposition's defenders and to Dylan's strikers!They shoot....

It hit the crossbar!Dylan got up with the chocolate bar and he immediately saw his strikers score
a goal at the other end of the field.The referee blew the final whistle.The final score was 1-1,Dylan saved the day.

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Sanaya said...

Wow travis i really love your story it really hooked me in. It made me go on a roller coaster. I can't wait to hear the second part of the story.


Sanaya it gave me a blast