Thursday, October 15, 2009

The life of Jennifer, By Angel.

Jenny's mother in-law didn't like Jenny. She wasn't from a rich family so Jenny was treated like a servant. "Come here Jenny why aren't the dishes washed? I told you to do them". Said the mother in-law. "Sorry mother I had a headache" replied Jenny, Jenny wished she could just live with her husband Jacob but Jacob wanted to take care of his mum. Suddenly the phone rang. Jacob wondered if it was about his job application. "Hello it's Nick from America, remember you applied for a job "Yes" said Jacob "I wanted to tell that you got a job in America you can join next week" That's great" said Jacob. Jacob had found a job in J- jays. Though Jacob already had citizenship Jenny's hadn't arrived yet. A week passed and it was time for Jacob to go "My citizenship hasn't come yet so how can I go"? asked Jenny "I'm sorry but your citizenship got cancelled" said Jacob in a low voice. Jenny felt sad when she heard that. She didn't want to leave Jacob but she had to stay with her mother in-law.
Months past and Jacob was still in America. Jenny was struggling doing the work for her mother in-law. One day Jenny was felling really sick "I think I can't do anything, maybe I'm getting a fever said Jenny to herself. "Why aren't you scrubbing the kitchen floor? I told you to clean it" said the mother in-law. "That's enough I'm getting out of here. You can live by yourself !" said Jenny in an angry voice and with that she left the house. While she was walking out of the house she called one of her friend and asked her "Could I please live at her house till Jacob comes back?" "Sure" her friend said.
In 2 months time Jacob came back from America. "Mum, I'm so happy to see you" said Jacob smiling happily. "Where's Jenny?" he asked "Well um... um... oh ya she ran off with our gardener" she lied. Suddenly Jacob felt anger towards Jenny. The mother only wanted Jacob to marry someone else who was rich. "Why would Jenny do that? I'm going to look for her" said Jacob and with that he ran out of the house to look for her.

Jacob was searching the whole town but he couldn't find the gardener. He sat down to have a drink. Suddenly he turned around and saw the gardener. He ran towards him and grabbed him by the neck and asked "Where's Jenny?".
"I don't know I saw her running out of the house because your mother and Jenny had a fight" Said the gardener trying to catch his breath. Jacob felt really sad that Jenny left he hated his mother now.

On the way home Jacob saw his beloved cousin Emily. He stopped the car and went up to her. "Hey Emily have you heard the bad news?" asked Jacob sadly.
"No" said Emily "What happened?"
"Well Jenny ran away because of my greedy mum and I have no idea where she is" said Jacob.
"Well today is your lucky day! Jenny is living with me right now"
"Really?" asked Jacob "Yes, come along I'll show you" said Emily. Jacob drove the car to Emily's house he was filled up with amazement. He stopped the car and went up to the door. Jenny opened the door. Jenny's eyes looked like a flash light hitting her eyes when she saw Jacob. "Oh Jacob it's so nice to see you" she said with tears in her eyes.
"I'm sorry my mother started a fight with you" said Jacob
"It doesn't matter anyway she is old now and she doesn't know what to say" said Jenny.
Days have passed and Jenny and Jacob bought a new house and lived together happily(away from the mother in-law of course). "Your visa got canceled" said Jacob lying. "Not again" said Jenny laughing. The End

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