Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Small Step For A Man And One Giant Leap For Mankind. By Campbell.

Bob Spring had been training to go to the moon for months and couldn't mess up, because no-one had been to the moon and back before.But that was going to change. Bob walked to the space ship.

"Ok this is it Ground control, I am all strapped in and ready to go". Said Bob. Bob felt like a 5 year old getting a lollipop he could almost pinch his self to see if he is dreaming or not.
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 blast... Bob began to cry because he couldn't believe it.
"Bob you could just be the first human being to walk on the moon". Said commander. Many hours pass.
things were going just fine until...
"OH NO you need to get out of the spaceship now because there is a meteor heading your way" bellowed out the commander.
Bob was so fast he was as fast as a cheetah,he went straight to the escape hatch and drifted into space. And then he swam straight away from the spaceship then straight away as he turned around he saw the ship and the meteor right in front of his eyes collide into the ship. He was so sad he could almost cry. He thought he could make it,but now he definitely couldn't make it because his space ship had just exploded.

All he could hope for was for someone to come and save him.
"What happened". said Bob.
"Can you send up a ship because I am stuck here". said Bob.
"I am very sorry to tell you this we can try but it will take a whole day, but your oxygen tank won't last a whole day, sorry Bob. Said the ground control.
"Oh man this is the worst day ever". Said Bob

5. Bob was desperate for someone to come and save him, he had 24 hours left till he had no oxygen and then he'd die.He had to find a chance of getting back home.He wished he had never even came to the moon. "I hate myself". said Bob.
"Hey don't feel down, this is a one in a life time opportunity because you got to go to the moon and back,well maybe not back but you know what I mean. Said ground control.
"Thanks you really made me feel better." Said Bob.
"Your welcome'. Said ground control.
"That was supposed to be sarcasm". said Bob.

"I only have minimum time left on my oxygen tank, if only NASA was here right know they would get me home safe and sound."Why did I have to come to the moon. said Bob.
"because you wanted to be a superstar remember". said ground control.
"Oh right... well that was stupid. I might as well just give up".Said Bob.

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