Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday Monster, By Ara

Ara's recount
I was very excited! like I could not believe it! we went inside Charlie's party. My friends Courtney, Dain, Sharon, Neha, Stella, lana, Alex, Conan and Renee were all there. This was going to be the best party ever! Mom and Dad gave the cake to the girl. Yummy! But i wasn't sure if Kanishk, Noor, Shania were coming.

We all got a goodybag with a drink! Inside the goodybag was a pinball game, 4 chocolates, a lollie pack, a crown and a lipblower. Lana was very lucky because she was the only one who got the orange juice. We all exept Lana got a rasberry juice. Ohh Mavie went late. Oh, no!(Gasp).Mum said I have to give all my stuff to Mavie! But why? What?! My Mum said ''There are no more"! I said are you kidding me?! And she said No.

Next was the yummy chocolate mud cake! Mmm But... Suddenly the girl said, ''Dance chipy!'' ? I thought ''Who's Chipy?''
When I turned around I saw a... Big headed MONSTER! Ahhhh!!! "Go away from me!'' I said. Finally he was gone. That was close! My friend Stella said, ''Charlie the chipmunk had hugged me. She said it was freaky! Charlie was an ugly costumed clown. His costume had very skinny and wiggly legs. Everyone laughing at me. ''Oh,! thats not funny guys!" I turned pink. What, do you think it's funny?" I said to my self. Ha ha very funny guys!
I'm embaressed! No more laughing!(phew).

''Now the cake?'' I asked. Oops! silly me forgot about the happy birthday song! And the candles were gold and white. 1, 2, 3. Oops!!!!! Oh, man! I had forgotten to make a wish for lego city police jail and stuff! Because I like to play with lego!

''Now can I open my present Mum?'' I begged. ''Oh! Do I really have to play a bit more?'' My Mum said ''Yes''. Weee , hef, poof I went on the bouncy slide 45 time! I said ''Let's play hide and seek on the play ground!'' And everyone said ''yes''. We did twenty one. Who is in? Alex! he counted up to 50. Oh, he found Neha, then Neha was in!(Phew).All the running and stuff made my heart pound. Then it was present time! Everyone went inside the Charlie's party.

Everyone told me to open my present. But I just opened Stella's first. Wow! it was a littlest pet shop plush toy! My friend said there is a password on the collar. Renee got me a growing crystal. Alex gave me a Hannah Montana hand bag. Countney gave me a spikey ball and Terri got me a littlest pet shop! Very cute! Conan gave me a pokemon. My cousine Dain bought me a solar system. I said, ''Thank you'' to everyone. I had a great day!


J Hall said...

Ara! What a lovely birthday day you describe!
Congratulations on your birthday and on your wonderful writing!

Anonymous said...

cool story ara i mostly like the first part you realy hocked me in noor

Blake said...

cool what a great great present

Blake said...

cool what a great great present