Monday, April 6, 2009

Superheroes With Room 15!

What a great afternoon with our little buddies from Room 15! The Extreme Team paired up and made each buddy a superhero in their own drama and them performed it to the class. It was huge fun and every story had a nail biting problem and a happy ending. Thanks for a great day Room 15. Your superhero selves are welcome back any time!!

Sully fought Super Harry and became a vicious giant spider. Harry's greatest fear.

Nael and Ollie helped Cayden overcome his soccer fear.

Josh and Noor showed Adrienne as the crime fighting super hero who foils Josh the burglar.

Mathew the evil alien is defeated by Jayda the secret superhero.

Campbell and Travis rode the roller coaster with Imaad.

Ashi had to overcome some strange PVA coated chicken nuggets from Mc Donald's! Lucky Sanaya was there to help!

Mohsin the monster is defeated by Carson in an epic battle.

Kezia uses her Xray vision on Mick the mighty robot.

Neha narrates as Ara becomes a sidekick for Jae woo.

Who do you think looks the most dramatic?
Which story would YOU like to be in?


CheesyUK said...

I wanna join the group on the roller coaster - sounds like a fun afternoon!
PS thanks Becca for your awesome comment on our blog too!

Craig Steed said...

Now that sounds like a fun afternoon. I always thought X-ray vision sounded fun, though, if I could choose one thing, I'd like to fly. Pleased Ashi sorted out the PVA coated nuggets, they sound gross!

Nael said...

The group with the x-ray vision because it would be cool to have superpowers thats why!

Sanaya said...

That was so cool Imaad well done Travis and Campbell that was very good and interesting, One again good job.

BLAKE said...

that's looks some fun stuff

BLAKE said...

that's looks some fun stuff