Thursday, April 16, 2009

Star Wars.. The Return, By Mathew.

I was at home with my dad and brother. I was bored because I was not allowed to watch TV, My Dad doesn't like me to. I would have played Lego but my brother already was. All I had was my dad's old toy cars and for me toy cars are not my thing.

My dad went out. I started to wonder were he went. Did he go to the dentist or the pub or did he go to the movies? After a while he came home. He said he went to the movies and the video store. He got a bag out of his car and it had EB GAMES printed on it. In the game bag was... Star wars battlefront II!. Oh my goodness!, I was so HAPPY I screamed "Cowabunga". I played the game until it was 9:00 p.m then I had to stop. I got to bed at 9.30.

The next morning I got up at 8.00 am and I went to play again, but my Star wars battlefront II game disc was on the floor! My brother had SNAPPED the disc into four pieces. "Oh no! Oh no! No! No! NOOOOO!" I screamed I could not believe it! I fell to my knees and no words came from my mouth.
So I played cars for hours until it was lunch time, Wait I know what you are thinking. How can lunch be bad? This lunch was bad!
I had pickled onions sandwiches "oh no, come on". I said.

So, after that I went to Dale's house on my bike. It was more fun than playing cars. I did have a Flippaball game at 4.00pm, it was 3.40 "time to go". I said.
I got to the game of flipper ball in time. After a while the game ended at the score of 10 to 1, ''We won! We won!" I could have been the most happy player in my team.

My Mum drove me home. There was a bag on the bench. I could see something inside the bag. I bounced over to see what was going to be in the bag. It was a new Star Wars Battlefront II game disc and a Bakugan. "Yes!". I was happy that my Dad had gone out and bought me a new game. "Whahooo!".


Blake said...

It was a great story I loved it

Courtney said...

Hi Mathew your story makes me explode and that means it was rocking my world

Becca said...

Great story Mathew! Your little brother seems pure EVIL! Glad you got your game back!

cameron davis said...

hey mat nice story. I was hooked in from "I" to "whahooo!"