Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Exploding Cake. By Courtney

The cake had exploded and it was absolutely everywhere. I was screeching like a jungle monkey. My mom was in the lounge by the kitchen watching "Chucky". It was horrifying, but when she looked into the kitchen she said "I left you alone for a few seconds and you trash the kitchen what did you do?!" she yelled and nearly lost her voice. If you would like to find out how this all happened, then go ahead and read on.

Mum said that she thought it would be a great day to be cooking. So she started to get the cooking stuff out and I joined in. It was so disgusting. The cake was all lumpy and squishy and I hated it. Until I put the choc chips and the chocolate syrup in and then it was time for the oven. I thought this was going to be great.

I put the cake mix into the oven and turned it on. I watched it for a while and nothing happened so I stared and stared at it. Then it started to bubble so I took it out cooled it down with some cold water and then threw it away because it was pinky-brown and disgustingly lumpy.

I just could not believe what had happened. Nothing, absolutely nothing happened. I just could not stand it but then I got over it. We decided to start again and just when we thought we got it... ''Bam Boom Crash Bang.'' The cake had exploded. It was absolutely everywhere. I didn't know what had happened. I followed the cook book and everything. It was so sticky it would not come off anything.

My mum went absolutely crazy running around the house! I knew she was furious! So furious her head could have blown up, but it didn't. We tried and tried to clean it off our clothes. Nothing happened, but finally it came off, and took about two hours to pick it off.

When I was cleaning up I tasted some. It was disgusting. Yuck! It tasted like sour milk and dough. I felt like fainting and I nearly did, because it was so frustrating. ''Cleaning is as fun as getting stung by a bee'' I repeated over and over in my head.

I felt like I was going to explode! That's just what happens when I clean up stuff. I get the shivers and really feel like exploding. And that taught me that next time I should really concentrate more.


J Hall said...

Eeek! Scarey cake Courtney! GREAT story though!

shannon said...

Nice story Courtney I really liked your story

Terri Clendon said...

Awsome blog, Courtney i really like all the time and effort you put into it,Terri Clendon

Angel said...

Nice story Courtney, loved the flash foward you really did a fantastic job. it must have taken you ages to clean up that mess but still you did a great work

mathew said...

hi mathew here you are so COOL and what a COOL recount good words