Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Secret Hut. By Ollie

I was at my beach house and was extremely bored. I could have nearly died of boredom. Luckily my cousins were there. We were playing in the sandpit but we had done that a million times. We would normally be playing play-station but we weren't allowed.

Then my Dad said" Why don't you go to the park and make a hut''? So we went to the park. It was lucky there was no-one there otherwise they might have followed us to out hut spot. We went over to the track which is in the bush and went down it.

We walked off the track and looked for a hut. It took half an hour to find a good place but it was worth it. The only problem was someone had already found it. We knew that because some of the walls were already made.

We worked on it for ages. We broke branches and made walls with them. We stayed there all day. We found some logs and used them as seats.

We saw some people.. "Oh no!" I said. "There's some people over there on the track!"
They might be some of the people who made the walls. We followed them but they just went down to the beach.

It was time to go home. We wanted to stay but it was dinner time so we got all our stuff and walked home.

When we got home we told our parents about it Mum said we could go tomorrow if we wanted to, we all said ''yes''!


J Hall said...

Goodness Ollie! Your hut making sounds like such fun it makes me want to go out into the forest and make one for Easter! Well done!

cameron said...

nice story! I wish I could make a hut that sounded as cool as yours. where is your beach house?

Extreme Team 14 said...

hi oliver


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