Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekend With Nannie and Grandad. By Tori-Grace

There I was playing with my toys. I wanted to play at my friend's house and play with her toys. But my mum told me no! She was too busy.

A few seconds later my mum called me to her room. She told me the bad news. I was going to my Nannie's and Grandad's. I just wanted to scream! Every time I go over to their house we do nothing fun. If I'm staying with them we sometimes play games, like snakes and ladders. The times that I play with them my brother always wins. It is very annoying! Why couldn't I win for once?!! When my brother and I go over nearly every single time we fight. My throat gets so sore.

Eventually we were on our way to Nannie's and Grandad's. I was starving. My brother was so annoying! Finally we got there. We barged inside to give Nannie and Grandad a hug. Soon it was dinner time and we had the same old peas and potato. I hate the peas and potato she makes. It's horrifying! Oh and the carrots! I have to eat them. They're hard orange things that make you see at night but I don't believe that!

The next morning I went through to the dining table to eat some breakfast. Every time we eat breakfast I have the same food. We always have licorice after we have breakfast. But this time it tasted unusual. I think it was expired!! But why? Would my Nannie really do that? I didn't think so. She's nice. After breakfast I played with my brother outside with one of his toys.

At afternoon tea time, we had to eat biscuits and drank the juice. I love the biscuits she gives me. I've tried them once before. They were so delicious that my mouth was actually watering! I ate all my food and dinner was still to come.

Soon it was dinner time. We were at the dinner table. Nannie gave me a little bit of meat. I only ate half of my plate. I wasn't very hungry. After dinner, I was full. I just heard Nannie say "It's time for bed." What? it's way to early for me to go to bed. That can not be right but I just went to bed to make Nannie happy.

The next morning it was time to go home. Mum came and Nannie and Grandad gave me a present before she picked me up. They had given me a swimming bag.I had really needed a new one. ''Thank-you this is so lovely! I love it but best of all I love you!'' I said in a high voice. After a moment I gave Nannie and Grandad a hug. We were on our way back home.'' I will always love you Nannie and Grandad'' I said as the car went further away.


J Hall said...

Oh Tori-Grace! What a lovely story! And how nice of you to go to bed to make your Nannie happy. And glad you like her biscuits because the carrots sound YUK!

Shannon said...

Nice story Tori-grace but do you still like going over to your nannie and Grandad's place cause it sounds fun!

sharon said...

Great job tori-grace i hope you win your brother the next time you play snakes and ladders