Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hard Day's Work, By Angel

It was a Tuesday morning and I was thinking I was not going to have a nice day with my mum. I put on the T.V and watched a cartoon lying on the bouncy couch.

My mum came in with a smile on her face. She said we're going shopping. I was wondering which shop we're going to. I asked my mum, "Which shop are we going to and why?" but she didn't say anything. I was curious and surprised because mum didn't say a thing when I asked her. I wanted to find out.

We we're walking towards the car, again I asked, "Mum which shop are we going to," but now she replied saying, "It's a surprise". I had butterflies in my tummy when she said that. I was really tired then so I put the radio on and I drifted to sleep.

While I was in a very good sleep I felt like somebody was calling my name and shaking me then it stopped. Again it happened and suddenly I opened my eyes to see my mum right in front of me. I jumped up like I got a shock but when I looked around I saw we we're right in front of my aunt's shop. I got off the car and wondered why we are here. First I thought we came to buy groceries. "Well lets see," I thought to myself.

We went inside and looked for my aunty. "There she is," I said to my mum. She was helping somebody look for an item. I ran really fast to her like a cheetah and gave her a big hug. My mum came over to her, while I was looking for something to buy.

"Angel come here," mum shouted, "What is it mum?" I asked her, Mum replied saying, "You can work here for half-an-hour since I need to go to work". When she said that I was so delighted and exited, my face grew happier and happier every second. I asked her, "When am I starting?" She replied saying, "When ever you like but it has to be today." "Could I start now?" I asked "Of course you can". I ran to the counter and got ready to start work, "Bye mummy" I said to Mum. "Angel could you help me with these packages and after you done that could you go and help that person over there?" Sure why not" this is hard work I thought to myself.

"Angel I'm back". I looked over my sweaty shoulders to see who that was. It was my mum and she had come back from work. So quickly, I thought to myself. I looked at the clock it was half past 2. I waved goodbye to my aunty while I was going. "Oh wait there Angel I've got a lollipop for you" said my aunt "Thank you," I replied "Bye". While we we're going home I told my mum what I had learnt to do like how to count the money and help people find things they couldn't. I had a brilliant time with my aunt.


Sanaya said...

Wow Angel good job I really liked your story it was like a roller coaster and I could feel the excitment going up a level. Once again good job.


Anonymous said...

wow angel i think thats a great story and other people will think its great to. shania