Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mick's Pup Purchase

We had to go buy the cat some food so we went to the pet store to buy some. I was super bored. Our cat is fatter than an elephant!!! He did't need more food!!! Then I saw the greatest thing...It was a dog!!! The dog had very floppy ears and a long tail. It waged his tail so much that it seemed like he wanted to play. He was really cute. I really wanted that dog. When I looked at the sigh it said...

I asked dad if I could get the dog but he just said ''No''.
I was very sad. I was thinking "NNOOO!!!" I really wanted the dog. I would have spent a lot time with the dog. Like play fetch, or maybe just run around with him. I'm sure fetch or running around would have been fun. But then we left the pet store.

Dad dropped us off at Grandma's place. It was boring. ''Come on, can this day get any worse?'' I thought. Dad came back really quick. ''That was quick'' I thought. But then I thought, dad doesn't usually go to work at these times. For me, it was kind of a mystery to find out where he went.

We went home. I was still thinking about the dog in the car, my dream was to play fetch. He was probably bought now I thought. My dream was over. When I got home..... a dog suddenly attacked me!! ''Is this the same dog at the pet store?'' I thought. "Yes!!" It was the exact dog I saw at the pet store! I was so happy I exploded with happiness. In my head I said..."Yea, whoo!!! I got the dog I wanted!"
We played fetch, it was out of this world!!!

Just then mum came home and she exploded with anger. Dad hadn't told mum about the dog. I came inside. The dog and the cat started fighting.
Later on mum got over it. I thought she would never get over it but when the cat and dog took a nap with each other she was just happy they made no more noise.

And that's my story of how I got my dog.


Jan said...

Pedro that's just like a dream come true! And the dog and cat got over it just like Mum!!! What a lovely, lovely story.

Nael said...

Very interesting. I never knew getting a dog could be such an adventure! But it turned out it was! Boy was I wrong!

Becca said...

Great story, I can tell you were really happy when the dog jumped on you!

Anonymous said...

hey mick great story i bet it was so exciting when you got attacked by the dog and thanks for the great card i really enjoyed reading it from Blake

campbell said...

that was cool I think your lucky getting a dog

Sanaya said...

Hey mick great story it really hooked me in and i defenitly went for a roller coaster. Any body who reads your story is going to say WOW MICK I LOVE IT.