Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Silent Drive To Somewhere... By Terri

I was really bored playing in my room with my brother and my toys I wanted to go out and do something fun but I couldn't think of anything to do, plus my mum was asleep so I wasn't allowed to wake her up. Mums usually up at 8:00 in the weekends but it was nearly lunch time! I just felt the urge to go in there and yell as loud as I could WAKE UP! so I clenched
my teeth and fists as hard as I could and my knuckles soon turned white.

Suddenly mum yelled out "kids! COME HERE!" We both jumped at the sound. Why was she calling us? I really didn't care I just really wanted to get out of that room! My brother and I immediately sprinted to her side when she almost shouted " We're going out so I want you both in the car immediately" Woo hoo! I thought we were finally going out! "We need to be there at 11:30 and it's 11:20 now! so we've only got 10 minutes! so get a move on! I will meet you kids in the car I just need to get my hand bag." "Wait! mum!" I screeched after her but she was already gone.

So my brother and I got in the car and started waiting about 10 second's later mum was in the car and we were driving up the road "Mum" I called and waited for her answer but she didn't. "Mum!" I called again but louder still no answer!. "MUM! HELLO! IS ANYONE THERE!." When I turned to look at my brother he was staring at me with his hands over his ears. "What" "She hasn't answered me yet." "But you are yelling in a car!" He said. " And so are you!" I yelled back to him with a giggle. Just then mum said "Nearly there kids stop fighting!" My brother and I started staring at each other.

Then suddenly we both at the same time remembered where we were going? Were we going to come home again on that day? Then I looked out the window to try to get a clue to where we where going. The first shop I saw was pack 'n' save up ahead in the next street "are we going there?" I thought then we turned to a different street. "Oh come on Mum"!! " at least give us a clue" I thought. Then I saw toy world and deliberately yelled out loud " YAY are we going to Toy World Mum?" "of course Not!" Mum laughed. "why would I waste my time taking you kids to Toy World" "HA!!" she laughed. I soon felt a rush of sadness surround me I was really hoping we were going to Toy World.

Maybe we were going to my friends house wait then why was my brother with me? No we couldn't be going to my friends house my Mum would have told me about that one. Hey I've got it! We could be going to my cousins house. Wait, my good cousins or my bad ones? last year my bad cousins came up behind me when I was playing hide and seek with my good cousins and squirted me with a water gun! I mean what did I ever do to them? Nope we weren't going to any of my Cousin's house. We turned into a completely different drive. "Phew" I thought as we went in a different direction to see my bad Cousins.

Then suddenly the car stopped and I nearly smacked my head on the front seat when I looked to see my brothers expression I saw that he was bouncing up and down in his seat with a huge grin on his face staring out the window then I saw what he was looking at it was the Movies! Mum took us to the movies! I just couldn't believe it! It was so cool,.. but, new problem. What were we going to see?!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Terri. Love the way you write. We're all in suspenders. What movie did you go to?

Terri said...

I saw a movie called Twilight, it was so much fun!!! Did you see a movie in the holidays?

Faffi said...

Hey Terri, Nice reccount you choose a great story to write about

Anonymous said...

Terri, why aren't you writing more? The first story was great!