Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharon's Digital Doggie

It was my birthday at my house and everyone was watching me open my presents. Ara my friend, gave me a toy cat with crystals to decorate it. The cat looked like a big pink circle with its purple collar. Ara also bought me a card with fairies on the front."I love it" I said to Ara. We hadn't finished opening the presents yet.

My mum said "Come here". We went into the garage and my auntie was there. She had a dog in her hands it was fluffy and white. It ran into the house It was so cute. Then Two other dogs rushed into the garden so I ran to pat them. They were so cute too but I liked the first one the best because its neck was short and shiny white and it was cleaner than the other dogs. My friends were crazy. They ran around the house chasing the dogs It was funny. Then we calmed down and started opening the present again.

My mum handed me her present. I opened it as fast as possible it was a pink nintendo! I've always wanted a nintendo because my friends have nintendos too. My heart was pumping so hard I felt like it was going to pop out! My mum also gave me a dog game called Nintendogs. My best friend Bianca had the same game and she had let me have a turn when we were having sleepovers. I loved it!

I turned it on and tried it. First in the game was the pet shop that had only dogs. I choose a dog to take home. I chose a dog my friend liked and took it home. I had to make it learn its name but it forgot and forgot I wondered if it was fake. Finally after a few days it learnt its name. But then it had to learn how to sit it didn't work! I got fed up, It WAS fake!My friends were right, it was fake.

But after two weeks of trying, it worked. I told my friends that they were wrong. It was probably that it was a really bad dog and it didn't like learning. I felt surprised, exactly like when I first saw my nintendo.

Now that I have my supplies my friend's dogs can meet together using wireless nintendo ds! That was the best birthday ever!!!

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Becca said...

Awesome! Sounds like the best birthday ever! You're a great writer Sharon!