Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blow Kart Beach by Sullivan

It was a windy day. A great day for blowkarting. My cousins and I were waiting on Ninety Mile Beach for the three wheeled contraptions. Here they come. They were things of beauty.

The man who owned the blowkarts showed us a demonstration with his kids. Apparently you have to be very light weight to go lightning fast. When he said that, My cousin Tom and I knew we were going to fly. I was right. Tom and I absolutely aced it. We were doing skids and everything in no time. "WOOOOHHOOOOO!!!!!''

"Clank!" My right wheel started to lift. I felt really scared. I thought I was gonna crash. The man shouted, "loosen the sail." So that's what I did and it started to lower. I realized I could do it again, so I tightened the sail and it started to lift again. I thought,"This is as fun as the time I first went to rainbow's end."

It was so much fun. I Whimpered when I had to give my cousin a turn. But wait! The man came to the rescue and brought in even more blowkarts, so everyone could have a turn and at no charge.

Suddenly.."NO please, NNOOOO!!!!! What do you mean there's no wind!!!" I tried and tried to get the blowkart going, but nothing happened. I had to face facts... there was no more wind. I had to heave the blowkart along the beach to the owner.

Once they were all packed up my auntie and uncle paid the man. I sat in grief as they drove of with the blowkarts, but I picked myself up off the ground and felt inspired to do it again. We went back to the beach house for cake and candy. I can't wait till next time.


Anonymous said...

Sullivan, this is a very exciting recount - well done! I'd love to see a photo. From Mr Giles (who had never heard of Blowkarting until ten minutes ago)

Mrs D said...

Sullivan I loved how you described the blow carts as three wheeled contraptions and how you and Tom knew you were, "going to fly". You made it really easy to understand what blow carting is. A great recount.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool recount of what happened. I was there and had to get my heart out of my mouth when Sullivan lifted off. Posted by Tracy Cantle/mum

mohsin said...

Nice story sully I hope you could take me.
by Mohsin

Anonymous said...