Thursday, March 19, 2009

Secret Hide Out By Travis

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but I was bored. So bored I
almost fell asleep!

Suddenly my sister ran at me full speed!!!. "Aaahhh!". "Please don't kill me!!!" She looked like an angry tiger that hadn't eaten for days! "HELP!". I screamed, but she stopped right in front of me and asked if I wanted to play hide'n'go seek. Of course I did!

Suddenly I heard my sister counting. "1.2.3!" Frustration was taking over my body! Where was I going to hide!? For the next twenty seconds I was sprinting around the house anxiously thinking of ideas....Under my bed? No that's to obvious. Um..oh in the pantry?.. No if someone wanted to eat something they would tell her! Hmmm....

Yes! I knew where I was would hide. In my SPECIAL PLACE!!! it was the perfect plan so my sister wouldn't have a chance of finding me! I quickly snuck into my special place, and started to wait....Your out! I heard. "Was that me she was talking to!?" The carpet was shaking, the footsteps grew louder and louder "Please don't get me I screamed in my head "Am I safe!?" Then I heard my brother talking to my sister "Lets split-up and find him" He said...

"Ah oh!". My brother was looking under my mum's bed. Well this is it, he's gonna find me....when I suddenly realized what my dad had said to me earlier! "Be as quiet as you can!" So that's what I did. I was relying on my dad now.

"WAIT!" I thought. I heard footsteps fading away! Did I win!? I leapt into action. I quickly ran to the door and checked....No-one there! That's strange!? Were they tricking me? I have to get to the bottom of this!!!

I sprinted out there and asked them if they were still playing, this is what they said "You're too good, we couldn't find you!"


Sanaya said...

Ha Ha Ha very funny my favourite part is when kailyn ran up to you like a tiger. I could fell the excitment building in me. By the way awesome story.


Angel said...

Cool story you got there it sounds funny and exiting. It must have been very fun playing hide and seek. Sometimes I play it myself. Very good effort you have done there.

Anonymous said...

Nice recount I really enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

Hi Travis, it's me Jung Yun, do you remember me? Well, say to Mr Hall that I said Hi.
Awesome story! I think your an awesome writer! I like your similies.
Great Job!