Wednesday, March 18, 2009

India Adventure By Sanaya

"Oh" I sighed in the car. Thinking that we were going to be late for the huge party. It was my seven year old cousin's party. I was so excited that she was getting into our Indian religion. The ceremony was held at India at a place called Car-ma. Car-ma is a gigantic place were lots of people's ceremonies can be held.

We got into the car and rode off. When we reached the place Car-ma like I said it was huge. I gasped "WOW"!! My eyes kept on blinking. My heart was pumping with joy. I was so excited. My mum and I were so happy when she got on to the stage her mum got the coconut before she got onto the stage or she would not be welcomed into our Indian Religion then she slammed it and some of the water splat on my face it tasted yummm.

"Oh my golly gosh" I was thinking in my mind. "Are they going to do the prayers now?" I asked my mum. "Yes they are" She said. I was so happy that the prayers were only half an hour long. Soon it was finished. One more thing to do. All was left to do was the roses. One of the people shouted "Roses time Yeah!!!!!" I said in my mind "Finally"!!!

This was my best part of the ceremony.It was Roses time.I was extremely happy because the roses were just about to fall from the basket. "Fall I said Fall" and the man pulled the string and the roses fell down on my cousin. "YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH"!! they all shouted and my cousin was entered into our Indian Religion.

My Aunty got her daughter ready in her clothes. Everyone gave her beautiful necklaces of gold and silver they were the most beautiful presents I had ever seen. Soon when everyone finished, the DJ's came and put music on it was very groovy. When my cousin and I were dancing we fell over "Ouch that really hurt" I said.. but I just got a bruise.

"Hurry mum I am hungry" I was completely starving for dinner. We had cottage cheese, Chicken curry rice and my favourite Butter Chicken. It was so yummy I kept on eating and eating. For desert we had ice-cream and chocolate it was very yummy. After that we did some more dancing. Then after a little while we had to go home I said "Mum I don't want to go" but we had to.


"Sanaya come on we have to go home now"

"Nooo!! Please Please I don't want to go" I said.

Mum said " Sanaya, don't be ridiculous"

"Fine then".

Soon we all said goodbye. I felt melancholy. I did not want to go but we had to. I said goodbye to my friends and cousins. we got in into the car and drove off. Goodbye I said sadly to my friends from the window."Bye"!! everybody said.

That was the best day of my life in India.

By Sanaya


Shannon said...

Great recount Sanaya i really liked reading about your trip to india!

sophie-lee said...

Hi Sanaya I really felt the tension bulliding up inside me. Great story by the way I'm looking forward to the next one!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT BEGINNING Sanaya! From Mr Giles

Anahita said...

Sanaya your story writing was too good. Specially the beginning and the ending of the Girdle ceremony.

From Mum

Sanaya said...

thank you shopie-Lee I was very suprised that you liked my Adventure to India and your comment was very thankful.


Sanaya said...

thank you Mr Giles you made me feel really happy.

From Sanaya

Angel said...

Hi Sanaya that was a impressive story. I loved the bit when the roses were thrown on you that must have been fun. I also loved the end and beginning. Keep it up From Angel