Thursday, March 19, 2009

Golf Duel By Campbell

I was bored watching T.V because my brother kept on flicking through the channels. Dad asked if I was bored, and I said "Of course I am". So my dad suggested I go in the car with him. He thought at least it won't be boring like it was here. I agreed. I thought it would be more exciting.

When I got to the golf course I was really nervous because I wasn't sure if I was going to hit it right or not. When I had my first hit my dad said, "Not too bad Campbell, you might even be better at golf than me." Then it was my dad's turn at golf. Wow. "Oh my gosh, I hit it further than my dad!" I thought.

Now that I am beating my dad at golf I am not so nervous anymore. My turn to hit it. "Oh man, that was not that far that time." Said Dad. "Better luck next time Campbell." Dad's turn to hit now. " Wow that went far!" I shouted. " You got it in 2 hits. Wow you're really good Dad!"
"Hey Campbell, have your right hand at the bottom and your left hand at the top try that, you will hit it way further."

This was so fun. I needed to beat my dad at golf. I wondered what my dad was going to say if I didn't win, but what if I did win? That would be cool. I got really close to the hole I got on the green. This is more fun than at home watching T.V! I can't wait to see who wins the game. My dad said I was going to lose.
"I'm not going to lose because watch this!" A HOLE IN ONE I am definitely not going to lose now. "You're winning by heaps so you might as well just make yourself champion now." Moaned Dad.
I want to win fair and square.!" I yelled.

"Do you know what, Campbell, if you win, I will buy you an ice-cream" Said Dad.
" I like ice-cream but NOOOOO!" I cried. "I need to win first. That will never happen unless I get another hole in one."

A HOLE IN ONE!!! I had won. "Give me that ice-cream, I am the master" I said. I can't believe I beat my dad at actual golf. I'm the meanest." I said. "But what was dad going to say now that I had beaten him.
"You beat me Campbell,well done." said Dad.


Becca said...

Wow! You must be really good at golf to beat your Dad!

Hayden said...

Good campbell.

Anonymous said...

wow it must of felt whenn you bet your old man at golf

from blake