Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beach Escape By Shannon

What a great day at my beach house. I was happy and relaxed after having leftovers for lunch from yesterday's Christmas dinner.
"I'm so full" I thought. I was just laying there on the couch relaxing When my Mum yelled out "You kid's come do these dishes."

"No" I whispered. So my brothers and sisters and I ran outside to the big tree not far from my beach house. "This will keep us away from doing the dishes" my Sister told us. I looked up and saw how huge the tree was GULP! "Well it better" I said. "Cause this tree is pretty huge!"

We started to climb higher and higher. I looked up and my brother and sister where half way to the top. "Don't look down, don't look down."
I muttered to myself, but as I kept on getting higher and higher I got more and more worried. I felt sick because I had just finished eating.
I couldn't help it I just had to look down. I saw how high I was off the ground "GULP, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" I screamed in my head.

I went a little higher. "I don't want to do the dishes" I said. So I kept climbing. "Almost.... there" I puffed.

As I was climbing I couldn't stop remembering how high I was off the ground and thought how high I might be right now. You probably know by now I couldn't help myself but to look down. I looked down "AHHH!" I yelled. "I don't think I can handle this! I'm climbing down" I Said. By the time I stopped thinking, I was half way to the ground.

Few, I was never going that high again. But now that I was on the ground I would have to go back and do the dishes. But wait!, I thought. I could go down to the beach! So I just ran.

'Ohh man what can I do here... nothing!' I thought. 'Well at least I'm away from the dishes.' While I was sitting there I felt lonely just kicking sand when I saw someone on the beach. Was that who I thought it was?...No... Yes "FRAN!" I shouted happily. I played at the beach till I thought the dishes had been done. When I got home my Auntie had done them. She's the greatest.


Mrs D said...

Wow that tree must have been so high. I really liked how you shared what was going on in your head as you were climbing the tree.

Sanaya said...

Great recount Shannon it was very interesting I liked the part when you started to climb the tree and go higher and higher and you got scared. Good job.


shannon said...

Thanks guys for the comments I really enjoyed them