Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cricket Confusion By Josh

"Oh my Gosh". I moaned how could this day get worse. I got so bored so I started asking random questions. "Mum, what are we doing tomorrow?” “Were going to the beach with our family friends." She replied. YESSS!!!! I took on the rest of the day positively.

When we were in the car I was worried if we would be late. But we were the first ones to reach instead ! "Never mind" I said. Time went went but still they still weren't there. Brrm brrm yes a car noise it must be them, but when the car came near us I realized that it's not their cars aaargggh! many cars went by but none of them were their car. After a good 15 minutes I gave up waiting. Brrm brrm I didn't get excited but then I realized that it's them woohoo! Let's play something I yelled .

When we got tired we headed for the car. We planned another party to relax and watch the cricket game. We didn't know where it was but luckily they told us. When we reached the right house no one was there! We searched the whole street and the whole suburb for them but they weren't there. But on the way I heard some people calling me from a food joint but my dad said that it's probably not them.

My cousin tried to text them but his battery died and my mum forgot hers at home. When we reached home we heard the phone ringing. It was them. They said that they were ordering some food "Told you so." I said.

When we got there they apologized for not being at their own home. My dad said "it's alright". We watched the game together. New Zealand won a nail biter of a game, so in the end, it turned out well.


Sanaya said...

wow Josh that is a really cool recount it made me do a roller coaster


Blake said...

Great job josh

Nono said...

Nice story it really hooked me in
from Sean