Thursday, March 19, 2009

Horse Challenge By Sophie-Lee

It was the day before school starts. I was in the car on my way to Kelly's house and I was about to have my first horse ride. I was feeling excited but when I got there I felt nervous. Kelly took us to see the horse. It was two hills away. I felt very scared when I saw it. The horse was very tall. It was white with tiny black miniature spots. ''I don't want to do it any more.'' I told myself.

Mum put me on the horse. ''Its so high up.'' I thought. Kelly gave me the rope and she whacked the horse's bottom! But the horse just walked onwards to the gate ''Thank goodness.'' I sighed. I seriously thought I was going to fall off! I mean the horse did seem pretty scary!

Everyone was yelling, screaming and cheering me on. I felt embarrassed and scared. ''What happens if the horse takes off?'' I thought. Suddenly mum yelled out ''You can do it Sophie you're an Archer.'' right then I felt a little better.

I felt the warmth of the horse's fur rubbing on my legs as I sat on it. I finally figured out it was fun to ride a horse because it was a great experience.
Finally I was off the horse I begged mum for another turn but she insisted it was time to go.

I was off the horse and feeling great. It felt good to ride a horse. Some of it hurt but that is ok. I just loved the feeling.

By Sophie-lee


Craig Steed said...

Good on you Sophie, great to hear you enjoyed the ride despite feeling initially scared. Lots of things are like that in life. Great story.

Sanaya said...

Cool, story I could fell the excitement come out of me it was very roller coastering


Sanaya said...

Hi Sophie this story was absolutely amazing.I think you did an amazing job and your story was truly mind blowing.