Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to the home of Extreme Team 14!!


This is where the Extreme Team 14 will put their work and celebrate what they do in class!
Come and join us and please leave comments so we know you're reading about us.

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Mr Hall.

Extreme Team 14


Dan Maas said...

Mr. Hall and class,

I enjoyed reading your blog this morning! You are really doing some great work in your classroom. I left your blog address with a 5th grade in one of our schools (East Elementary) who also blogs. Maybe your classes can become friends!

It is very exciting for me to visit a blog from New Zealand. I visited Auckland in 1988 when I ran on the US Cross Country team that competed in the World Cross Country Championships held in your fair city. It was a trip I shall never forget. You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Keep learning and write to change to world.

-Dan Maas, Littleton Public Schools, Colorado, USA

Declan McGeorge said...

Hey Mr. Hall, good to see you have carried on from last year with a new blog. Love the rhyme, reminds me of that Primo Extrimo advert.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Hall! It's Jungyun here! I really love your students writings, they're better than me! Hope they post more soon...