Saturday, March 21, 2009

BMX Weekend By Cameron

It was just me and my sister Sophie at the dining table with nothing to do because we weren't allowed to do anything. "Cam! Sofe!" Dad shouted. "Come get in the van!"
"Yes" I said. "Finally we're going out." We drove over the harbour bridge. It's not every day that you get to go over the biggest bridge in Auckland over sparkling bluey-green water. It was also scary because what if we fall off!? "Where are we going?" I said to myself.

We finally stopped outside a motorbike shop. Inside we went to the helmet section. My sister and I chose some awesome helmets and we got some shin-pads too.
The shop keeper gave us free helmet protector bags. It was very exiting because I've never had a full-face helmet before and I've always wanted one.

We went home and got ready. We grabbed bags, gloves, pads and helmets we got our bikes out of the van. Horay! weir going riding. 'Even getting ready is fun.' I

We went to the BMX park. Wobble! wobble! I almost crashed on the first jump! But I got straight and rode the rest of the track. "Freaky." I muttered to myself.
I didn't like my shin pads because they keep slipping to the side. It was annoying.

Dad, Sofe and I raced each other. "Yahoo! race time!" I said. I won. Dad came second, Sofe came last. I sat out some of the races to catch my breath. It was awesome.

Later we went home. "What a great day" I said to myself. But I was quite disappointed that it was over. Oh well some things never last forever. I hoped we could we do this again, just not with my annoying shin-pads!


Anonymous said...

wow what a great story. did you get my email

from blake

Anonymous said...

hi bro nice story I love the pic of helmet


mathew out

go to amour games at 4:30 and look for colony and find matheew on satday

oliver said...

Thank-you for giving me a comment on my recount ollie will tell you where his beach house is.