Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lazer Labyrinth By Sean

I'm swerving through a hallway, heart pounding, teeth shaking. Someone is following me. I see red lights on the wall. I quivered with fear. I look back all I see is a red light before I powered down. I put my hands out as if trying to reach something I feel the wall and immediately come to a stop... What do I do?

It all started one bright sunny morning. I had just woken up from a sleepover. I was at my friends house and we were playing outside.
My mum came around with the car. I got in, then she told me we were going to Megazone. It was too much to take in. My head filled with excitement. As we drove there the tension rose. I rapidly thought of ways to win. When we got there we went in and mum paid for the game. Then we went down the hallway to a room with the rules. I looked at everyone. I felt like my heart stopped in shock.

"There must be at least twenty!" I said to myself. Still frozen in shock. I finished putting on my suit and got my gun. The horn sounded, it had started.

Everyone jogged into the arena. I went in 10 meters from the start line and hid behind a wall. A few minutes went by and I was still there. Finally I decided to go and explore. As I walked out from my hiding place, I was shot in the back. "Ahhh". I screeched. About 7 minutes later, I know the game is almost over and I had shot almost everyone a few times at least. Then I saw red lights on the wall. I turned into a hallway thinking "Wrong way". I had just turned into a very long hallway.

I was swerving through a hallway. Heart pounding, teeth shaking. I felt the wall and immediately came to a stop. I decided to run to the nearest wall and wait. It felt like forever, but I powered up again then I heard it. BEEEEEEP!!!!!!! The games was over. I walked to the room with the suits, still thinking "Will I lose?" I put my suit back still worrying. I met my mum and sister and walked down the hallway to find my score...

Seven thousand points! That was higher than all the points I've ever had put together. But sadly, I came seventh It wasn't as depressing as I thought. The feeling that I got seven thousand points was overwhelming. As we left we talked about tactics we could use next time. "Next time I'll be ready". I muttered to myself. Then we drove home.


Nael said...

Your opening sentence apealled to me and gripped me from how the language was put together. For someone to say: heart pounding,teeth shaking, is really hard because you have to think about how it mathches and you used differnent types of languages (like mr hall said)and that choice of language really does work!

blake said...

Great story sean it was very exciting