Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amusement Park Antics By Noor

Finally it was the day I was going go to Rainbow's End with my friend Moe and my family. We go there ever single year. When we got there we went on lots of rides, then right in front of me was the roller coaster. My heart raced. The tracks were on top of me and I could hear the people screaming. Right next to the roller coaster was another horrifying ride. The Power Surge.

I thought that I should go on at least one of them so I chose the power surge. I sat on one of the seats and the seat belt slowly came down. My hands were clenched on the seat. I closed my eyes. The ride started. I opened my eyes and looked down. It was making me feel dizzy. It went upside down, it was crazy! It spun, it was upside down again. The ride finished. It came down so fast. I jumped off the seat and sat down for a couple of minutes. When I got up my head was spinning.

I thought I should go on the bumper cars. I felt better. I had already paid my money, and I couldn't go on some of the other rides because I was too short or too young. My friend said "Let's go!" So we went. Even if another car just taps you, it can really hurt and the seat belts aren't even proper ones. My friend smashed my car so hard I nearly jumped out of my seat. Then he reversed.... and did it AGAIN! " That's it!" I said. "I'm going to get him!"
So I trapped him in the corner.. and then I got payback.

Later, we got a text message saying " We're going home soon, we're on our way." So we played a game next to the front door. To win, you had to try and shoot a target with a ball. I held the ball in my hand then I threw it. I hit the target and won a bear! My friend tried. He had three turns but missed every time. I laughed at him but he ignored me.
When Mum came we drove home and I thought about how lucky I was that I didn't throw up on the Power Surge.


Craig Steed said...

cool story, I love Rainbow's End! Well, I've only been twice as a kid (and that was like centuries ago), but it lives on as one awesome place in my memories. It sounds like it's still fun!

Anonymous said...

It was cool to see you in my office today Noor and also great to see your writing published on the web. Mr G.

Dave Winter said...

You really captured the feeling of Rainbow's End I think it was a good topic choice and your language features really set the scene.

Sanaya said...

Wow Noor that is really fun I could fell the the tenson building inside of me and it was very roller coastering it blew my mind out


Mr Sumich said...

Im going to disneyland this year and we hope it will be better than rainbows end but I suppose its all about who you go with. Great story and I hope you got Mo back on those bumper cars

Ara said...

I like the part when you traped moe in the corner. Good story!

Anonymous said...

I got jealous when you won a teddy bear in your story.